What to Expect During Your First Visit At Bloom Metabolic Insights | Greenwich Moms

You called and set up your first appointment to see Dr. Bloom. It’s the big day and your feelings are a mix of both excitement and reservation. Walking into the office you wonder what am I here for?? You called because you want to make a change in your current lifestyle. You are looking for answers and you’re not even certain what your questions are. Your mind and body have been wreaking havoc on you. You want validation for feeling this way—tired, bloated, stressed, and defeated, the list goes on. You want and need help!
I can tell you Bloom Insights is here to do exactly that! After filling a simple one-page Patient form Dr. Bloom will invite you into his office to get to know YOU. He wants to understand your reason for coming to Bloom Insights. This may be to lose those extra pounds you put on from pregnancy, a long summer of excess everything, or you may have a more serious digestive issue that needs to be attended to. The conversation is to provide Dr. Bloom with a view into your daily routine and lifestyle. For him to understand your goals so that your end result is a positive one.
The next step is to get the goods on you! Everyone has their own unique health challenges, and we need to determine what yours are. Our technician will perform two non-invasive tests as part of our exam. We use the most advanced, state-of-the-art, clinically accurate assessment tools to help us learn about the state of your body’s health. The results of your health assessment are used as biological markers. In other words, we determine your body’s problem areas as you embark on your journey to becoming a healthier YOU!
Our final stepping stone is to return to Dr. Bloom’s office where a plan is specifically created for you. Your plan may include supplements that we provide in office from Nutraceutical companies. Each plan is unique and every person that comes into our office leaves with a customized plan that fits their current lifestyle and needs. This plan is to be followed and practiced for a week to 10 days before returning for your follow-up progress report.
Feel free to call our office at 914-949-6009 or email [email protected] to make an appointment and see the changes that YOU can make to become a healthier YOU!


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