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Umberto Pitagora has been making custom-made—also referred to as bespoke—suits for loyal clients in Fairfield County since 1970. The long-time Greenwich resident started as an apprentice tailor in his native Italy at age 14, and is now located at 409 Greenwich Avenue (on the second floor). Clearly, five decades strong in business show that people appreciate his high-end service. Recently, we spoke to Pitagora about what he does—and why it’s so valuable to discerning men and women in the area.


You Can Create the Garment of Your Dreams

Pitagora can get material from all over the world, and offers over 500 different options to clients. “In ready-made wear, you have a selection of around ten colors,” explains Pitagora. If he doesn’t have the material or color you want, he’ll get it. That also goes for modifying accessories from lapels to linings.   


Sizing Is 100 Percent Precise

Off-the-rack, you can only get a pretty good match on your size—it is simply impossible to get a perfect fit. “There are no two people in the world who are the same size,” says Pitagora.

You Don’t Have To Follow the Trends

Pitagora says that he cringes to see bigger men trying to wear the trendy skinny-fit suits popular right now. “My suits are timeless. In twenty years they are still in style. Customers come in after twenty years to get a suit altered because they have lost weight,” says Pitagora.


You’re Paying for Unsurpassed Quality

A custom-made suit doesn’t come cheap (it’s comparable in price to designer suits from upscale stores) but the heirloom quality of the pieces make the above story about clients wearing a suit for over twenty years possible. If you’re interested in investing in a few great articles of clothing and shopping less often, bespoke will help you do that.  


You’ll Be More Comfortable

Ever feel like a jacket was wearing you instead of the other way around? “If you’re trying to fit into something, it can feel limiting in terms of movement or comfort. When you have a suit built for you can have complete freedom,” says Pitagora. If you have that Tommy Boy feeling (like you’re about to rip the back of your suit), you’ll love being able to reach out and up in a custom-fitted jacket.


This post is sponsored by Umberto Pitagora. In addition to suits, Umberto Pitagora can create custom shirts, dress pants, trousers and women’s skirts. For more information, go to, call 203-869-7464 or email [email protected].

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