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Moms have many roles: Chef, Event Planner, Housekeeper, House Manager, Accountant, Chauffeur, Teacher, Coordinator. 

The NY Post reported that “according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, both parents are now employed outside the home in more than 62% of families with children. But, when it comes to work around the house — most notably in organizing and planning — women seem to be doing the majority of the heavy lifting. A survey by Pew Research Center revealed that 74% of American mothers say they manage their children’s schedules and activities. Only 3% say their husband or partner does more of the organizing.” 

There is clearly a gender gap with domestic work, as reported by the NY Times

Instead of our usual Meet a Mom, tonight we bring you the Greenwich Moms Mom Resume. Lauren Schweibold of Madison Events had created a list for her family of all of the things she is responsible for in the home, just to see the magnitude when you put it all on paper. We thought it would be fun to add a few and share her list, in the form of a resume, to enumerate the tasks we tend to be responsible for as Moms, and WOW it’s a LOT!  No wonder domestic engineer, household CEO and director of child development are just a few of the job titles we have seen used to describe the work performed by us. 

So give yourselves a big pat on the back, and congratulations for completing another year of doing the biggest job out there – Being a Mom. 

CEO of Your Household

Mother of Tiny Humans, Greenwich, CT
September 2016 – Forever

PROFILE: Compassionate and Dedicated Mother with 6 years of experience in childcare. Performs a variety of roles including but not limited to: Chef, Event Planner, Housekeeper, House Manager, Accountant, Chauffeur, Teacher, Coordinator, and Psychologist. Deals with daily onslaught of household tasks while managing emotional meltdowns and nonsensical tantrums.  Extreme patience used on a daily (24 hour) basis. 


  • Negotiation
  • Bargaining
  • Functioning on Little to No Sleep
  • Using Gentle Parenting Techniques to Avoid Yelling
  • Extreme Patience


Childcare Provider takes care of one or multiple children (in Greenwich this is often 3-4 children) in their home. Their main duties include completing household chores, transporting kids to and from school or other activities, and children’s general well-being.

  • Babies – understanding developmental stages (eating, sleeping, this could be its own resume)
  • Kid research / information gathering for new classes, hobbies and interests, school needs, doctors and providers, polling of fellow Moms to get through the overwhelming amount of information on the internet
  • Doctors’ appointments (well visits, baby first year monthly visits, dentists, ad hoc sick visits, which in this day and age with Flu, RSV, Covid, Pink Eye, Impetigo, etc. happen weekly)
  • Medications – having them well stocked at home at all times (is there a Tylenol shortage currently? Also the recent formula shortage!)
  • Haircuts – or your Mother, Mother in Law or other family member will regularly mention your children need haircuts
  • Driving them to everything – school, playdates, activities, doctors, etc. Coordinating driving and drop off/pick up schedule among multiple kids.
  • Toy Organization – making sure they have the proper educational toys, getting rid of old toys
  • Seasonal clothing & shoes, special occasion clothing – dealing with constant ripped pant knees for boys, and somehow them being in between sizes or growing out of clothes constantly.

Executive assistants serve a critical role by assisting key family members scheduling, organization and administrative tasks.

  • Scheduling (playdates, appointments, lessons, classes, school, etc…)
  • Seasonal Activity Scheduling – every Spring, Fall and Winter going through another massive sign up period to figure out what activities your children are doing. Coordinating the schedule amongst various children.
  • Reading all of the emails from schools, after school activities
  • School/Camp/Classes (filling out applications, making payments, deciding which activities to sign up for only to have your child decide they want to do something completely different)
  • School Volunteering – attending school plays, reading in class, bringing in food for the food drive, holiday themed school activities, show and tell days, holiday projects, class parenting, pajama and every other theme day
  • Playdate coordination – when you children become old enough to request playdates, and then you have to schedule them, coordinate drop off and pick up
  • Health forms – several times per year/per child, they do not email them, they need to be picked up for HIPPA purposes
  • Slight accounting and payments experience to pay all of the following (but certainly not limited to):
    • Babysitters and Nannies
    • Water, Electric, Gas, HVAC, Garbage, lawn
    • EZ Pass, Cars
    • Phones
    • Snow Removal
    • Rent, mortgage, taxes

Household Managers work in private homes and make sure operations run smoothly. Their role is to help busy families by completing tasks such as organizing events, ensuring home maintenance and repairs, handling household bills, running errands, coordinating household staff, and doing the laundry.

  • Home Repairs – researching who to call, coordinating them coming to fix it, paying for them to fix it
  • Home Maintenance – lawn, firewood, HVAC, cleaning, organizing, snow removal, tick spraying, turning the sprinklers on and off
  • Cars (payments, cleaning, repairs, car seats, check ups, etc…)
  • Household needs (cleaning supplies, personal items, etc..) – contrary to popular belief the toilet paper and toothpaste doesn’t magically appear
  • Mail / Returns / packages
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Cleaning up after everyone on a daily basis but also organizing regular deep cleaning
  • Garbage
  • If you have pets, you are also responsible for Appointments, Medications, Food & treats, Walking the pet, Coordinating pet care when away, Grooming, Cleaning Up, Training

A personal chef will prepare meals for private clients in home kitchens or commercial kitchens depending on their client’s needs or preferences. This can be done daily or the meals can be cooked, frozen and reheated weekly.

  • Grocery shopping (noting all allergies, preferences, school restrictions, etc.)
  • Cooking meals and about 14 snacks a day
  • Preparing special meals for holidays and birthdays

An Event Coordinator, or Event Specialist, is responsible for overseeing particular tasks throughout the event planning process. Their duties include meeting with vendors at the venue location to help with set-up, running errands for supplies and decorations and working with staff to ensure the completion of a successful event.

  • All social coordination – school events, benefits, dinners, lunches, family get togethers
  • Travel research, scheduling & packing
  • Holiday tips & gifts – including research into age appropriate presents
  • Birthday/Holiday gifts – for your own family and also every friend, relative, and other people’s children’s birthdays
  • Birthday party planning – location, gift bags, decorations, dessert
  • Holiday planning – gifts, gift wrapping, meals, throw in Elf on a Shelf, coordination with family, hosting
  • Grandparent coordination (visits, vacations, gifts, etc..)

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