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Vacuuming, spot cleaning, and hiring a professional once or twice each year makes your life easier. In a home with pets and children, the job of keeping carpets clean doubles. There are some ways to reduce time spent to care for your carpets.
Cleaning them on a regular basis reduces the future workload. Carpets can be vacuumed four times each week without affecting the quality of the carpets. Regular vacuuming helps eliminate dirt buildup. It lessens the number of times a professional cleaning is needed.
The professional cleaning is essential, however. Dust mites that trigger asthma live in carpets. If someone in your family has asthma, regular, thorough carpet cleaning helps reduce the buildup of dirt and dust mites.
It is also instrumental in reducing the strength of cleaning agents needed to clean the carpet. Stronger cleaning agents are required to shift the dirt when a carpet is filthy. Reducing the amount of dirt that comes indoors from outside also reduces cleaning time.
Use mats at all entrances to the house. Cleaning mats is easier than cleaning carpets. Have family members take off their shoes before stepping on the carpet. Shoes carry extensive amounts of dirt. It is essential to attend to spills when they occur.
A good spot remover belongs in your cleaning supplies. The sooner a stain is cleaned up, the less chance of becoming a permanent mark. Rinse with water after using a stain remover, because the soil is attracted to the stain remover.
Professional Cleaning
There are several methods professional carpet cleaners use to clean carpets. They choose the process based on several factors such as available time to dry, the level of traffic on the carpet, and the fibers it is made of.
Three methods described here are:
Steam Cleaning
Dry Cleaning
Steam Cleaning
This method is also referred to as hot water extraction. It involves spraying hot water mixed with a cleaning solution on the carpet. Extraction equipment sucks up the dirt and water. It is an effective method that provides deep cleaning. The heat delivered to the carpet aids in killing mold, dust mites, and bacteria.
Dry Cleaning
There are a few different dry-cleaning methods. Bonnet cleaning is a method that uses a machine that spins and absorbs dirt from the carpet. The technique is used to break down oil buildup in a carpet. Another method sprinkles a powder on the carpet and then it is worked into the carpet. The powder is highly absorbent. It removes the soil as it is vacuumed up.
With this method, a detergent solution is used on the carpet. A particular rotary brush machine works the solution into the carpet. This method requires allotted time to dry. After it dries, a vacuum picks up the dirt. At times, extra cleaning agents are added to the cleaning solution to prevent further soiling and reduce odors.
All of the methods above work. There are do-it-yourself machines available. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is recommended for the best results. The technician will know which method is best for your carpets.

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