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Are you trying to green your household? So many of us would like to be more eco-conscious, and for so many different reasons. First of all, what Mom doesn’t want to protect the environment for her kids and grandkids?  Many of us are also concerned about the chemicals in traditional cleaning supplies and home maintenance services, and how unhealthy they may be for our families–especially little ones. That’s why we were thrilled to find out about PYOOR, a new business that is bringing together eco-conscious consumers with local, green businesses, via an easy-to-use digital platform.

Here’s what you should know about this forward-thinking, fast-growing and local business:

PYOOR Is Locally-Owned in Old Greenwich
Five years ago Heidi Horn and her family moved to Old Greenwich from Norway—and quickly realized how much landscaping air pollution and loud noise there was in the U.S. as compared to Europe. “Heidi and her husband Erik, who are both eco-conscious, purchased a robotic lawn mower (a practice that is commonly seen in Europe) as an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional landscaping they were seeing here. Neighbors began to ask questions about their robot and the Horn’s realized that there was a market of people looking to be green and switch to more sustainable practices,” says Brianna Hidalgo, Branding Manager for PYOOR. She adds: “ Heidi also experienced difficulty finding green local businesses near her thus Erik came up with the idea to create an online platform for people that easily connects them to eco-friendly businesses and services near them.”

The Concept Is A Simple Game-Changer
PYOOR is a digital platform aimed to connect eco-conscious consumers to their local green vendors. It’s one of the first nationwide to not only reduce, but also track, carbon emissions while eliminating toxic chemicals. “The goal of PYOOR is to provide a simple way of integrating sustainability into the everyday lives of homeowners,” notes Brianna.

Getting Started With PYOOR Couldn’t Be Simpler
Going green shouldn’t be time-consuming or take tons of effort.  “Customers select from a variety of our services, enter their zip code, and instantly get a quote and availability from the most affordable and eco-friendly vendor near them,” explains Brianna.

The Options Cover Indoors & Out
The company provides a variety of services such as Green Landscaping, which strictly uses battery-powered equipment and organic lawn products; Robotic Lawn Mowing, which is the most innovative and eco mowing solution available; Organic Home Cleaning and At-Home Eco-friendly Hairstyling, which only utilizes safe organic products. “We are currently rolling out a new weekly Food Waste Pick Up service that we’ll launch in February,” notes Brianna. This service puts the food you throw away to good use by recycling it into valuable compost that will enrich our soil and plants instead of ending up in landfills. “Our easy program provides you with a bin, picks up your scraps, and exchanges your bin for a clean one every week at your designated pick-up time,” explains Brianna. This service is a great way to get children involved in learning about more sustainable habits. Brianna mentions the excitement her team feels to see how many people have already signed up for the new service. “It tells us that a lot of homeowners in our communities care about sustainability and want to make a difference,” states Brianna. “But clearly there’s been a lack of available and accessible green services.”

If You Sign Up Now, You Can Take Advantage of Special Pricing
“We’re offering one month free for anyone who signs up for our Food Waste Pick Up on our website before February. We are also working on adding three other new services that we plan to launch over the next few months,” says Brianna. New customers also get 20% off their first service when they use code LOCALMOMS

Local Businesses Should Apply!
If you’re a green brand, reach out and PYOOR can vet your business with their green criteria and background check system. They also help businesses to go green—so if you’re not there yet, it’s still worth reaching out. Know of a brand that might be a fit? Let PYOOR know!


Interesting in trying PYOOR? Click here.




This story is sponsored by PYOOR.

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