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Bobbi Jean has lived in excruciating back pain for 10 years, until a friend told her about a musculoskeletal program franchise that just had open nearby. She was skeptical and did not try it, because the sessions are only 15 minutes, once a week. Come on, it is too good to be true! But she heard more and more people talking about it, and when she watched a video of Luke Pechmann, a professional swimmer that is training for the 2020 Olympic Games, explaining his impressive gains in strength in only 3 months, she decided to join it. “I just left OsteoStrong, and every time I get my car after leaving there I was thinking: OMG, everybody needs to know about this. I’ve been going to OsteoStrong for about 15 sessions now, and in the last 5 sessions I’ve been completely pain free. I have a range motion in my body that I haven’t had in years and my posture has improved. I’m gaining strength every week and I just feel so incredible when I leave there. It is truly, truly, truly a gift”, says Bobbi.

We went to check there and…OsteoStrong is becoming one of the fastest growing franchises in the world and it just opened the
first two centers in Connecticut, in Greenwich and Darien. OsteoStrong sessions utilize robotic musculoskeletal devices triggers a natural response of the our body to increase athletic performance, bone density, posture, balance, athletic performance and, as Bobbi’s case, reduce or eliminate joint and back pain. OsteoStrong Greenwich and Darien also partnered with Greenwich Sports Medicine to create a program called Elite Only where improvements are followed up at GSM’s state-of-the art Biomechanics Lab.
As Rebekah Keat, a world class triathlete with multiple wins in the Ironman and Half Ironman distance, said, “OsteoStrong is legal doping for athletes”, and it is available for everyone. Mention Greenwich Moms to have a complimentary session and to receive 20 percent off in any of their plans! To book your visit or more information call 203-900-1661 or schedule it online at

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