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Right here in Old Greenwich, Dr. Inna Lazar of Greenwich Eye Care is offering some of the most cutting edge technologies to her patients every day. Since opening her Greenwich practice in March 2017, she’s developed a loyal following who appreciate her commitment to staying ahead of the curve, which includes regularly traveling to conferences around the world. “I’m always looking for new studies and learning more,” says Dr. Lazar, who sat down with Greenwich Moms to share her motivation and what new treatments she’s most excited to share with her patients.


Your practice is unique—you don’t have partners and your office feels so intimate. Can you tell us why you created this type of environment?

When I was working for someone else I was seeing 25 patients a day. Now I get to talk to every patient and treat them how I would want my family to be treated. I take all major insurances but my patients say I’m like a concierge doctor. I have no technicians—just the receptionist and me.


What technology is exciting you most at the moment?

I do a non-surgical solution for vision correction called orthokeratology (“Ortho-K”). Essentially, I fit patients with special retainers they wear to bed and when they wake up they see perfectly!


Wow—who is the ideal patient for this?

We do it for adults and children. Athletes don’t have to worry about, for instance, wearing contact lenses in a pool or in dusty conditions. However, I am focused on children with this treatment because these retainers actually slow down the progression of myopia. We can absolutely prevent their prescription from getting worse.


That’s amazing! What else are you bringing to patients that few other doctors are?

For patients with severe dry eyes (and this describes almost every patient in this cold winter season!) I implant stem cells harvested from healthy C-sections. I place them on the eyeball to heal the dryness they’re having.


Incredible—anything else you’d like to share?

We have more and more evidence about how damaging blue light (from phones, iPads, etc.) is to our eyes and skin. We recommend anyone—but especially kids—wear glasses with blue light protection. Prolonged exposure to this type of light can cause near sightedness and macular degeneration. We even recommend kids wear SPF to protect themselves!


This post is sponsored by Dr. Inna Lazar, O.D. 

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