Music: 5 Ways It Can Help Kids Burn Off Excess Energy & Focus! | Greenwich Moms

By NYC-based writer and music teacher Donna Maurer

Your child always seems to have a limitless supply of energy, which, as a parent, can be very tough to handle on a daily basis. Especially in those times when you feel as you have no energy to spare after a particularly long or tough day. Children always seem to be ready to move about, explore, and examine the world around them.

It can be a great idea to enroll your child into an extra-curricular activity or two that gives them an outlet for all of that energy, and many times it’s perfect for a child to engage in other activities to meet new people, try something new, or just become a more well-rounded human being. 

One of the more creative outlets to be considered is a musical one. Music is one of those activities that you may not deem as much of an effective outlet, but in fact, it is probably more beneficial at releasing a lot of energy for your child than doing a physical activity or joining a sports team. 

So, how is it possible for your child to use music as an energy outlet? Here are five beneficial and rewarding ways that music can and should be the activity you choose for your child to expend their energy.



Music requires a lot of movement to learn things like how to keep a beat, rhythm, and tempo in a song. When your child is enrolled in music or singing lessons, you can be sure that they will consist of some sort of warm-up, usually a productive physical exercise to get the body moving. Many times the movement can consist of some simple breathing tasks or something like clapping or stomping feet, and other times be even more involved with movements that have your child roaming around the entirety of the room.



Studying and practicing music requires a lot of brain usage, too. Your child will effectively use the parts of the brain that require both memory and concentration to focus on the musical tasks at hand, such as keeping rhythm while singing on pitch. The brain actually uses up more energy than any other part of the body, so your child will get the best workout from learning music. 



One of the best things that music or singing lessons offer your child is the opportunity to be freely expressive and creative, without the worry of judgment. This might be through movements, facial expressions, usage of dynamics, hand gestures and more. Creativity gets your child utilizing their imagination and vision to create something unique, another way to use up some more of that brain energy. 



Since music involves expression, it gives children a big outlet to evoke emotions and feelings. This is a perfect way not only to give your child the opportunity to feel things deeply but also help with expressing them, using up energy in a very positive way. The effectiveness can result in heightened social skills and adaptability at reading other people, as your child will be more in tune with their own feelings.



If it’s not enough for your child to use their energy within their music lessons once a week, don’t worry. They will also have to make sure to set aside time every day to practice their singing or play their instrument so that they can improve. The act of practicing is another way for them to incorporate all of the effects already mentioned and release energy while doing so. 

With these added advantages to lessons for your child, it is a no-brainer to involve music as part of an extra-curricular. Not to mention that there’s the added benefit of preventing your child from being in front of a screen during their lessons, which is especially important in our heavily technology-run world. 

To make it even easier, you can keep the music lessons within your home so it doesn’t require any of your time or energy for them to benefit. For example, companies like Music To Your Home offer singing lessons in New York City and surrounding areas, but their professionals can also come straight to you – in person or online!

Lastly, music is fun for your child. Learning a new skill can be enjoyable, while also teaching them the discipline necessary for practice. Music lessons can make your child more well-rounded and help them become more in tune with their feelings, while also providing an extra boost of confidence that stems from mastering a difficult piece. Overall, taking music lessons can help improve your child’s wellbeing.

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