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Who doesn’t love candy? Erin Murphy, Tonight’s Meet a Mom, shared how her and her FOUR SISTERS took their love of candy and founded BobbyPop! And we are so glad they did, because we are OBSESSED. 

BobbyPop boxes are the perfect gift, party favor, or a fun way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. With customizable candy messages, options are endless for our gourmet curated candy boxes. And have I mentioned the candy is all carefully curated and absolutely delicious! 

Erin, and her sisters, share with us what its like working with family, how they make BobbyPop super special and the must have gift for this holiday season, and all of their favorite candy! 

Please tell us a bit about your family and life in Greenwich? Where do you live (and why you decided to live there/love living there) and names/ages of kids.
I live in Old Greenwich with my husband John (aka Murph) and our 3 kids, Presley (7) Army (4) and Mick (2)

What do you love about Greenwich and your neighborhood?
We love OG! We love so much about it but mostly that it’s a walking town, it’s so nice being able to walk into town for a coffee, bike our kids to school or pop into a friends house.

Can you please share about your professional background/ career highlights and what led you to start BobbyPop?
I worked in fashion advertising and marketing for brands such as DVF, David Yurman and Badgley Mischka and I loved it! However, after having Presley I didn’t want to commute into the city and I took a job at Empire City Casino as the Communications Director. I’ve always wanted to start a company and have had countless ideas over the years, but when we came up with BobbyPop we all believed in it and decided to run with it!

For those of us who don’t know, what is BobbyPop?
BobbyPop is a giftable candy brand created and run by me and my four sisters. BobbyPop boxes are the perfect gift, party favor, or a fun way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. With customizable candy messages, options are endless for our gourmet curated candy boxes. We’re a new fun and customizable twist on sending flowers or balloons.

5 sisters started this amazing company! Tell us all about them and how you have managed to work so well together!
It’s been so much fun working with my sisters! While we’re all very creative thinkers, we have different backgrounds which makes working together successful. Clare is great at publicity and social media. She has also been able to troubleshoot so many problems we’ve encountered. Molly used to work at Serendipity Magazine and is a whiz with editorial and also very good with finances. Cara is a pro in photoshop and somehow was able to teach herself how to single handedly build and design our website. Mary is a cyber security genius and also incredibly good with planning and finances. Everything is more fun when we do it together, so I’m going to have them answer some of these questions with me!

What makes BobbyPop so unique in the candy world?
CaraBobbyPop is unique because it is personalized and custom. Our customers pick the box type, candy color and then get to write whatever they want on top. If someone loves or hates a certain candy they can let us know and we can add more or omit it completely. Each and every box is made to order so we can make it exactly how the consumer likes!

What’s next for your brand?
Mary-We are in the process of opening a new studio in Rye! It should be open in the next few weeks and we can’t wait for everyone to come and visit. We also are planning on working with charities that are close to our hearts to donate proceeds and boxes.

What is personally your favorite candy?!
Erin– They are all so good!!! If I had to choose, the sour lips, they are SO SO delish!
Clare– Haribo Cherry Gummies are the BEST! The sour lips are a close second.
Molly– It’s so hard to pick because I feel like every time we find something new that becomes my favorite. All time favorite is red sour belts, but our rhubarb skulls are just such a perfect mix of sweet and sour that they are quickly becoming tied for first!
Cara– The sour skulls, hands down. They are the perfect texture, they are chewy, but not too gummy that they get stuck in your teeth, have the exact amount of sour and every flavor is delicious. I have a huge pack of watermelon ones and they’re my favorite thing to grab when I need a pick me up throughout the day!
Mary– I love anything sour! The sour belts will always be my go-to but candy lips and pink sour patch kids are a close second and third.

How do you source great new candy?
Clare-We work with different candy distributors from all over. From Texas to Sweden, we are all about having different types of candy represented in our boxes. We like to keep our candy as classic as can be, but are always excited when companies come out with new products. We always make sure to have the best of what is out there in our BobbyPop boxes.

Tell us about being a female entrepreneur – the good, the bad and the ugly?
Molly– There is such an amazing group of women out there routing and ready to help each other. We are so lucky to be in this space at this time. Growing up in a family of just girls we learned how to work with each other and channel each other’s strengths and now we still get to do that just on a bigger playing field. Sky’s the limit when you are talking with female entrepreneurs there’s really nothing we can’t do when we work together! The bad and the ugly is that Mom guilt is a real thing and you never want to feel like you’re missing out on time with your children.

What is your working mom mantra?
Erin-There’s not enough time in the day and there never will be, but don’t give up! Moms can’t and will never stop, so keep going and you will eventually get it all done!
Clare-Work hard so you can play harder because Moms deserve it!
Molly-Just keep going. You never know what is going to be thrown at you (literally and figuratively!) And you can’t let that slow you down. You may need to take two step backs to go forward but just keep moving.
Cara– In the words of @destini.ann “bitch you doing a good job”

Anything else you’d like to share?
Molly– We put a lot of love into every box and want to hear that our customers love them too! While we continue to grow we can’t do it without them! So please email us, direct message us, ect- we want to hear from you!
Mary– We love being able to work together. It also gives us an excuse to be constantly talking and being together even more!

We love to support local businesses. What are your fav places locally to:

Grab coffee– Adas latte EVERY.DAY.
Workout– Girl Crush!! Ginny is the Best!
Go on a date night– The Wheel, everything is delicious and the vibe is always fun
Go out for a girls night– The Poodle
Go out to dinner as a family– Bar Taco or Louie’s
Get your hair done– I need one, someone please help me!
Get your nails done– Coco Nails
Have fun as a family– Cups n’ Cones or Tods Point

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