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Rudder Family

This year’s Greenwich Hospital Benefit will be held on May 15, 2020, at Greenwich Country Club. Three dynamic Greenwich Moms will be spearheading this year’s efforts—Jennifer Borzykowski, Lindsay Gurciullo and Lindsey Wilner Rudder. They come from different professional backgrounds, live in different parts of Greenwich and have kids ranging in ages from 1 to 6; all gave birth at Greenwich Hospital and are passionate about supporting it. (Also worth noting: Lindsey Wilner Rudder and Jennifer Borzykowski are sisters!). Here’s a bit more about these three women, this year’s event (which will combine the Annual Gala and Under the Stars events for the first time ever!) and more:

To learn more about the benefit, which will support the areas of Neuroscience, Pediatrics and Women’s Health at Greenwich Hospital, click here.


Can you please share your kids’ names, ages and where you live?

Lindsay: Leo 6; Emma 4. We live in Glenville.

Jennifer: Ariella, 6; Sienna, 5; Bodhi, 3 weeks. We live in Backcountry.

Lindsey: Scarlett, 3; Isabella, 1.5. We live in Old Greenwich, CT


What committees have you previously served on at Greenwich Hospital?

Lindsay:  Prior to co-chairing this year’s annual benefit, I have been on the Under the Stars committee from 2015-2019.

Jennifer: I was on the Under The Stars Committee in 2019.

Lindsey: I served on the Under the Stars Committee for 2 years.

Borzykowski Family

Why are you giving your time to this wonderful cause?

Lindsay: Joining the committee in 2015 was one of my first experiences with the community when my family and I moved to Greenwich in January of that year.  I have met some amazing people, and life-long friends through these experiences.  I’ve learned an incredible amount about Greenwich Hospital and the medical services we have access to LOCALLY at this Hospital.  And through the years, many members of my family have been patients at the hospital and I’ve seen first-hand the exceptional care we receive.  It’s because of all of these reasons that each year I feel even more connected to doing even the smallest part to help this effort, for my family and friends and the rest of our Westchester and Fairfield county residents.  It’s an absolute honor to co-chair this year – and bonus: I get to do it with the wonderful Jennifer Borzykowsi and Lindsey Wilner 🙂

Jennifer: I am passionate about Greenwich Hospital both on a professional and personal level. Not only was I born at Greenwich Hospital, but so were all 3 of my children. I have been working on a professional level with the hospital for over 15 years. 

Lindsey: I’m passionate about health care and I feel that supporting our local hospital is a critical piece to our community and my family. Growing up in Greenwich I always received excellent care throughout the years from the hospital. Although I believe it wasn’t until my experience when I gave birth that really WOWed me. I couldn’t believe I could receive such exceptional care in a luxurious environment and private room just miles from my home.  I feel passionate about others having a similar experience to mine.


Can you each share your professional background and how that helps you in your charity work?

Lindsay: I work for Mastercard, in Purchase NY.  My day-to-day focuses around supporting my Bank clients with their overall business and implementing new, innovative technologies. In addition, one of the many reasons I was so attracted to Mastercard is around one of the core pillars of “doing well, by doing good.”  As part of this, we, as employees, are encouraged to give back to our community. The company offers additional days off for volunteer work, as well as donation matches and other perks.  Working for Mastercard fulfills me both professionally and personally – who can ask for anything better than that!?

Jennifer: I am the Administrator of King Street Rehab which was started by my grandparents, and has been in our family for over 50 years. We offer short-term rehabilitation and long-term care, and have for over 50 years. Many of our patients come to us from Greenwich Hospital and the Greenwich community. I have been connected to the hospital on a professional basis for over 15 years and feel committed to raising money for such an amazing cause. 

Lindsey: My family owns and operates King Street Rehab in Rye Brook, NY offering short-term rehabilitation and long-term care. We have a passion for helping people recover and restore their wellbeing. This type of work has always given me an understanding of the importance of helping others in our community and beyond. 


What are you most excited about this year in regards to the event?

Lindsay: This year is a whole new vibe and a new location at Greenwich Country Club, which is super exciting.  We also have an incredible line-up of talent, who all align perfectly with our community, honorees and/or the causes we are highlighting this year. In addition to Andy Grammer, I am so excited to watch Greenwich’s own Kathie Lee Gifford in action as our evening’s emcee.  She owns a home here in town and is a friend of honoree Dr. Brunetti.  And it’s always fun to dance to Dj April Larkin’s music.  April was the Under the Stars co-chair when I started on the committee in 2015.  It’s so fun to see how previous committee members evolve participation within our community.

Jennifer: It is going to be an exciting evening with incredible live and silent auction items to help raise a lot of money for a great cause. I am also excited to hear Andy Grammer sing one of his top hits and one of my personal favorites, “Honey, I’m Good”. 

Lindsey: It’s going to be one of the hottest events of the year in our town. Between the dedication of the board, volunteers, donors and guests, not to mention entertainment, everyone is sure to be incredibly energized and proud to support our community hospital. 

Gurciullo Family


What is new this year?

Lindsay: Like Under the Stars, we are focusing on Women’s and Children’s health, while adding in an additional healthcare focus. This year we are adding Neuroscience, a vast topic that can affect people of all ages.  Additionally, we are combining two annual Greenwich Hospital events into one huge Benefit.  As a result of this we have a large, diverse committee of over 50 women and men helping tirelessly to raise money and plan the event.  Some committee members have worked on committees/co-chaired previous hospital events in the past, and some are brand new this year.  It’s a beautiful mix of people from our community who all bring something special to the table.  We are having a ton of fun in our weekly calls, and monthly committee meetings.

Jennifer: In
years past, Greenwich Hospital has hosted two events during the year, however this year, they decided to focus on one, expanded event which we expect to be the biggest ever. Additionally, each year the event focuses on different aspects of medical health and this year the focus is on neuroscience, pediatrics and women’s health.  These are all areas that have personally affected our family as well as so many other families in the community and we are excited to make it the event of the year and to raise a lot of money for a great cause.  

Lindsey: This Benefit this year is a culmination of our past key events. The proceeds will go directly to Women’s Health, Pediatrics and Neuroscience. This one event will allow us to be hyperfocused so we can ensure a successful night for the hospital.

Anything else you’d like to add that you want Greenwich Moms to know?

Lindsey: By supporting Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich Moms can help ensure that we continue to have the highest state-of-the-art health care in our community.


We love supporting local businesses. What are your favorite places to:

Get coffee:

Lindsay: I usually make my coffee to go from home.  I am obsessed with my Nespresso machine and buy my to-go cups in bulk from Costco

Jennifer: Meli Melo for a special tea! 

Lindsey: Ada’s Kitchen


Go for date night:

Lindsay: Nikkei of Peru in Rye and Polpo in Greenwich

Jennifer: Douro at the bar with my husband. We like to hang out with Frank behind the bar.

Lindsey: East End / Terra


Get your hair done/nails done:

Lindsay: Cozy Nails and Beauty Bar Salon

Jennifer: Salan H with Connie and Cozy Nails

Lindsey: Lucas for hair at Haus Of Magnum / Edie for nails at Charme Cheveux


Go out for dinner as a family:

Lindsay: Bar Taco

Jennifer: Box Car!

Lindsey: Box Car Cantina


Have fun as a family:

Lindsay: We are always looking for things to keep our family busy and entertained on the weekends.  We’re open to almost anything that lets the kids get out a ton of energy, and Greenwich is surprisingly close to so many fun places.  We love to go to Bruce Park, Get Air in Stamford, and we always check out the Greenwich Moms calendar for one-off local events around town.  We also just got a membership at The Bronx Zoo (which is surprisingly close to Greenwich)

Jennifer: Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink 

Lindsey: Tod’s Point 

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