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Kathy: I am from Exeter, New Hampshire. 6 years ago, our family relocated from New York City. I have two children Maya, 10 in 5th grade and Asha 8 in 2nd grade.
My local go to store used to be the Gap but since that closed it’s now Zara.  For
shoes it’s lots of different places.  Not one go to store.
Favorite events, there are so many!  I love the Curiosity Concerts at the Library, and  Summer Concerts in the Park. As well as the Movies in the Park.  In the summer there are so many local events to go to. The library has many events for families. There are always so many things to choose from. The girls always have something going on that keeps us very busy.
Favorite Restaurant? We have been going to BoxCar pretty much every Sunday night since we moved to Greenwich so I have to say that is the families favorite.
I am very lucky my kids eat everything.  I do not and never have cooked anything Kid friendly for a really long time. My husband is Indian so my children have grown up with flavor full food from the start. I have to say our latest go to recipe is a slow cooker meal that we can eat for a couple of days which is great because I am busy and it saves time.
It’s a chicken stew with tons veggies and spicy peppers and cream cheese, my girls love it. I have just discovered the crock pot.
Hobbies? I feel like since I am a professional painter and crafts person my life may be looked at as someone who has a lot of hobbies. Since I spend most of my time painting, when I am not working or doing things with my kids I find time everyday to practice Ashtanga Yoga. I also love to read. I also listen to a lot of books while I am painting.
I have spent the past four years developing my After School Art Program, Future Picassos which is now a full time job for me.  It’s so much fun and I feel truly blessed to be able to give back showing others how to do what I Love.

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