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This week’s Meet a Mom interview is with Stacy Heneghan, the owner of CT Stormwater Authority. She lives in Riverside with her husband Francis (Frank), owner of CT Gutter. We spoke to Stacy about her extensive experience in the stormwater control industry, her work at both CT Gutter and her own business, her amazing working mom mantra, her family life in Greenwich, and more.

Can you please share a bit about your family, and where you live in Greenwich?
I live in Riverside with my husband Francis, two sons Ben (16 years) Greyson (16 months) and my husband’s daughter Jamie (7 years).  In addition, I am due in May with the latest addition to our family. Francis and I chose Riverside because he grew up in Greenwich and we love being close to Tod’s Point, Binney Park and Bruce Park.

Congratulations! Can you please share a bit about your professional background and launching your own business?
The inspiration and experience that led me to establish my company evolved as I was working at Connecticut Gutter. Multiple customers would call and ask if we could help them with yard flooding and clogged ground drains and other water issues. At that point in time, we didn’t have the expertise or resources to support their requests. As a result, I began to pursue the possibility of developing a company that would assist with addressing stormwater issues. I was intrigued to learn about the Environmental Protection’s Agency’s (EPA’s) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) initiative. This initiative is a direct effort to keep drinking water clean for the population. In these efforts, the EPA is most focused on the fact that urban storm water continues to be a significant source of water pollution and public health concerns.  As I have always been committed to keeping our environment clean, I knew it was a perfect endeavor for me to pursue.

As a result, I began to investigate the State of Connecticut’s compliance and efforts to keep its citizens and the environment safe from pollutants and hazardous runoffs. Due to the efforts of the state’s DEEP department (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection), pressure is on all municipalities to better police storm water by ensuring all water entering its stormwater sewer system stays clean as it makes it way to large bodies of water. This mandate requires municipalities to accomplish multiple tasks to ensure compliance.

In addition to developing a solid understanding of the MS4 initiative, I began my pursuit of formal compliance education. I enrolled in a stormwater training class to become a qualified compliance inspector for the State of Connecticut. This was critical in developing a solid understanding of all the aspects of construction compliance. Concurrently, I developed a professional working relationship with the City of Greenwich’s Senior Civil Engineer. He informed me that all stormwater systems needed to be serviced every 5 years. When I inquired as to who was qualified to service them, he told me, as he had told many of the citizens of Greenwich, he did not have a recommendation. As a result, I began a reach out to our community that had stormwater systems installed. I advertised my new business and the services I could offer them to ensure they were in compliance with the Town Of Greenwich and with the DEEP initiative.

Partnering with CULTEC was one of the best things we did. CULTEC Inc. is the founding father of plastic stormwater chambers and continues to be a widely popular choice of stormwater technology in New England. We visited construction sites and they gave us a proper education on how to install and maintain the CULTEC systems. We are currently CULTEC’s only certified maintenance provider and certified installer nationally.  I am elated that we have developed a unique company and a genuine partnership with our community. We are committed to environmental compliance and meeting the needs of our citizens and of our state’s mandates.

Wow, such an interesting journey and needed service! Do you work closely with your husband?
My husband and I work together every day.  He is the owner of CT Gutter, Greenwich Roofs and CT Claim Contractor and I am the owner of Connecticut Stormwater Authority. When working with your spouse, it is about maintaining a healthy blend of both your professional and personal lives.  Francis and I have found that this balance helps us connect to one another on a deeper level. We can empathize with each other’s work challenges and empower one another to successful resolutions.

When we need a break from the professional side of life, we take pleasure in sharing a family moment, or discuss our plans for the weekend.  Knowing when to take a break, is key to the timing process.  Although our approaches are often different to a project, we always partner and arrive at a successful end state.

What separates CT Stormwater Authority from other companies out there?
CT Stormwater Authority is a one- stop-shop. We have an in-house engineer, lawyer and we can maintain your stormwater system or build you one and file everything for you with the town. We also help many people with water issues, some companies for example can waterproof your basement but that’s not helping your water issues that are coming from the exterior of your home. We don’t just put Band-Aids on things we fix the issues at hand.


What are you proudest of?
In terms of my business, I am most proud to provide a service that will allow a healthier environment for our citizens and ecosystem.  I am proud to be a female owned company and partner with other female owned companies.  I am elated to be a certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). The women of the WBENC embraced me throughout the certification process and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Amazing! How have you adapted as a working mom during COVID to keep up with work and home?
There are so many moving parts in our family. My older son splits his time between Greenwich, CT and Rye, NY.  Hence, driving back and forth is a challenge, but we have figured it out. I’m so happy that both his school and sports have started again. Francis and I are very lucky to have flexible schedules. In addition, I am incredibly fortunate to have an amazing mother-in- law, Dorothy Heneghan, is a lifesaver.  She operates Pat A Cake Preschool in Greenwich.  She is always there when we need her.


Having someone you can rely on is so crucial. How do you handle tough days?
My mantra is “You are enough, mama”. As I am due in May, and this pregnancy has been medically challenging, I need to follow my doctor’s orders and SLOW DOWN. My first two pregnancies were so easy compared to this one.  I am so very lucky to have a wonderful family and amazing friends that have provided me unconditional support.

My day always gets better when I remind myself in the morning that whatever I’m doing or not doing is already enough. Enough for me. For my family. For my business. It just is. Because it really has to be. YOU ARE ENOUGH MAMA.


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