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This week’s Meet a Mom, Sasha Beatty, APRN, is the owner of IVY Infusions, located on Mason Street in downtown Greenwich. A Stamford mom of four, she has3 worked at Stamford Hospital, New York Presbyterian Hospital and Greenwich Hospital. In addition to owning IVY Infusions, she still practices as a nurse practitioner in pain management for Westmed Medical Group and runs a small virtual concierge practice for PUSH Health. We spoke to this busy single mom about her business, family life and more.

Can you please tell us a bit about life as a mom of four?
I am a single mother to four children. Jaydin and Justin, my 21-year-old twin sons, are seniors in college now. Jaydin is at Hamilton College on his way to become a venture capitalist and Justin is at Franklin and Marshall College and moving towards corporate law. They both went to Brunswick High School and played football with the Bruins. I also have a soon to be 22-month-old son Amari and a daughter Saraya going on 6 months old.

How did you decide to open your business in Greenwich?
My twins going to Brunswick and working at Greenwich Hospital, exposed me to the community. Everyone I met was kind, welcoming and very much into health and wellness. Mostly everyone I encountered endured some type of stressor that caused mental and physical fatigue, whether it was causally related to work, children, home/work balance, maintaining fitness, aging, whatever. It seemed like a no brainer that Greenwich was the place to be, especially since IV therapy has been around for decades, but it had not quite made its mark in Connecticut yet.

Can you tell us about Ivy Infusions?
After many years of bedside nursing and dispensing countless medications to cover up one illness or side effect, I began to focus my attention on Integrative Medicine—a more holistic approach to health and wellness. I knew that IV hydration and vitamin therapy most often provides some type of immediate result and is administered rather quickly. Time is very valuable and we’re always in a rush (again, another stressor). My background in nursing had exposed me to IV hydration and its immediate benefits for an array of diagnosis, complaints and concerns. For about one year before opening, I went to many conferences, networked with other IV clinics in New York and collaborated with several different compounding pharmacies to develop our infusion protocols. The IVY offers many standard infusions such as Immunity, Energy, Anti-aging, Hangover, Detox and many more, but what makes it more unique is we can customize infusions as well to tailor specific needs and goals that may not be on a common menu.

We offer concierge services as well for those clients who prefer to drip in the comfort of their own space or just simply don’t have time to come to our office.  I have done plenty of infusions while clients were in their office on the phone or in a meeting. We also work with several concierge doctors in the area for people who don’t want to go to the emergency room for hours for simple hydration. For instance, pregnant women with hyperemesis, someone with a kidney stone who needs to flush it out, or if someone Drank too much at a part and need fluids/pain and/or anti-nausea medication—we’ve got that covered. We can also help athletes, who need a boost for a performance push or recovery, and offer additional services like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) where we use your own plasma to re-grow hair, for fine lines and wrinkles, joint injections, facials. We also offer Botox and fillers.

What is your own personal favorite service?
I love the Beauty Infusion.  I’m always on the go and definitely do not drink enough water and barely get to eat well some days. This infusion is hydrating and has a high dose of glutathione, which is considered a master antioxidant, so it helps to keep my skin glowing, detoxes my liver, decreases inflammation and has many other benefits. It also has a splash of vitamin C that helps with immunity boosting and increasing collagen to help me keep a youthful appearance. I compliment that with an energy and weight loss booster.

What is your most popular service?
The most popular services are mostly all the infusions, but the top ones are Immunity, Energy, Anti-Aging with NAD, Beauty and Mega Recovery.

What is new that you are most excited about? And what’s next?
PRP for #1 men’s hair loss is becoming increasingly popular and women are also using it for thinning areas and a break from Botox or as an alternative to Botox and fillers. In a few months PDO threads and oxygen therapy will be added to the IVY.

How have you adapted your business during COVID/quarantine?
Fortunately, I am a healthcare provider and IVY Infusions services fell under an essential service category. Unfortunately, the building where the office is located was shut down. So, I had to be available for more concierge services and during that time I offered 50% off the concierge fee. Then and now we did infusions outside in a backyard or private location. Our office space is clean, tranquil, cozy, and comfy. We have two chairs in the office and before COVID we could have two strangers drip together. Now, it’s appointment only. We have family/friends in those 2 chairs and appointment is staggered to allow for proper sanitizing and ventilation after each client.

We love to highlight local businesses. Can you please share your favorite place to:

Get Coffee
These days I like to make to make my own coffee, but if I need something on the go I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts or a diner cup of coffee.

I used to work out at Mason Street Strength in Greenwich, where my office is now located. But, now with the two little ones, it’s harder to get out for that type of intense training, so I’m loving my date with the Peloton at 4:30 am in the morning.

Go to Dinner
I enjoy Thai food but haven’t been to a restaurant to sit down and eat in months! On a break I’ll run to Granola Bar for avocado toast for breakfast and I’ll grab a bowl at Myx Kitchen.

Have Fun as a Family
My older boys of course are doing their own thing, but when they come home I have to cook dinner for all of us and I force them to watch a movie with me. The little ones and I went to Cove Beach several times this summer, we took a quick trip to Beardsley Zoo last weekend and we’ve gone to the Maritime Aquarium.

Be Outside
Now I just take the double stroller out and we stroll around downtown Stamford, which is where we currently live. It’s fun to people watch!

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