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This week’s Meet a Mom is Bevan Talbott, a Greenwich #boymom of two and owner of Bevan & Co, an interior design firm. We spoke to Bevan about her family life, starting and growing her business, finding a community as a single mom and more.


Can you tell me a bit about your Greenwich family life?

I live in Central Greenwich in a little neighborhood called Chickahominy, walking distance to Greenwich Avenue.  I have two boys, Teddy and Grant, ages 9 and 7. They are magnet students at Julian Curtiss School.


 Why did you choose Greenwich? 

My now ex-husband had started a new job in Stamford right after Teddy was born and the reverse commute was terrible for the hours he needed to work.  We looked at a few towns from Greenwich to Darien. I had gone to school at Greenwich Academy, so I was familiar with Greenwich and had a few friends from growing up that lived here—plus the beach was a big bonus! Once we found a house walking distance to the train station, it was an easy choice.


Can you please tell us a bit about your business?

Bevan & Co. is a full-service Residential Interior Design firm. I take projects from fully custom renovations to simple decorating. Each home and project is unique, but there is usually a blend of custom and off-the-shelf, to give a more curated feel. I’ve worked with clients remotely and I’ve been fortunate to work on a couple of small Commercial projects, but my core business is residential.


I’ve been in the Interior Design industry since I graduated from Design School in 2003 in California. After design school, I moved to New York City and started working for a boutique hardware company, Nanz Hardware. They then partnered with Remains Lighting and opened a joint showroom. I managed the operations and sales of their joint Midtown showroom for six years.  But after I had Teddy and we moved to CT, I was working from home, doing project management for an owner’s rep and trying to get my own business started. With a baby at home I was looking for something that would give me flexibility and autonomy. It took a couple of attempts; getting more experience working for other designers, having a second baby, going back to sales briefly, getting divorced and then I finally went out on my own for good in 2016 and opened the doors to Bevan & Co. LLC. 


Congratulations! Have you always been interested in design?

Yes! I remember rearranging my furniture from the time I was big enough to push my bed across the room.  We moved a lot when I was growing up and I loved hanging around the construction when my parents renovated their houses.  When I was 14, living in London, my mother hired a designer for the first time and I got to pick my own fabrics and design my own bedroom!  I was hooked.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

 My style is a combination of traditional and modern.  I love the softness of traditional, but the cleanliness of modern and I think the sweet spot is in the mix.  My business is focused on the client and their style, so I’ve worked on projects that run the gamut. Getting to design in different styles is part of the fun and the challenge.  My goal is to design a home that reflects the people living there, and a home that supports their lifestyle and well being. 


 Who is your typical client?

 I tend to work mostly with young, busy families and dual-working families who are transitioning from the fog of baby-hood to a life with kids.  These homes need to be real work-horses and people often don’t realize how big a role your home can play in your daily happiness. If it’s disorganized, bad flow, the wrong colors, bad lighting or you have inherited furniture you really don’t want or like–it can be adding low-level stress to your day without you even realizing it.

 What can people expect/maybe not realize about working with you?  

 I am a certified Design Psychology Coach. Most people have never heard for Design Psychology! It may sound a little “out there”, but it’s something I’ve believed for as long as I’ve been rearranging my furniture. As humans, we’re affected by our environment whether we know it or not and when something in our space is off, it can throw us off. My passion isn’t just beautiful interiors, it’s helping people improve the quality of their lives.


 What are some of your favorite home stores in town you go to for inspiration and to shop for clients?

We are so lucky to have great home design stores in town! Habitat Greenwich is amazing, The Tailored Home can make almost anything and is a great resource, Home Boutique has beautiful bedding and linens and bathroom accessories.


 What’s your favorite mom hack?

Systems! Pick a day for things that need to get done–laundry, cleaning, shopping, and stick to the routine.  I run the dishwasher every night, no matter how full or empty, so I start the day with an empty washer and end the day with clean counters. I use Instacart for grocery shopping and delivery–it saves me hours of time and cuts down on the impulse buys, it’s been a lifesaver. And don’t be afraid to ask for help!


 What’s next for your business?

 I’ve been working on beefing up my online presence by blogging, posting on social media and  I’m in the early stages of working on something online to be able to help people with their homes no matter where they live or what their budget.  I’ve also started doing local floral workshops, teaching people how to bring a little bit of natural beauty into their homes! The next one is on February 19th at Mike’s Organic in Stamford.


How has the Greenwich community been a part of your family life as a single mom?

 My boys were babies when I was getting divorced and without any family nearby, the nursery school community was my biggest support system.  It was definitely our home away from home and a safe, welcoming place for all of us.  I got involved on the board while we were there and not only was I able to give back to a community I cared deeply about, but I made so many wonderful connections. When the boys moved on to grade school, I knew that getting involved in the PTA at their new school would help us a
ll with the transition.  Being a single parent can be really isolating and it can be intimidating trying to make new friends without the support of a partner. For me, volunteering my time at the school meant I had to show up and meet people, which was the kick in the pants I needed. I’m now also on the town PTAC as the VP of Health and Wellness and getting to meet parents from all of the other schools in town. Greenwich is an incredible community with so many passionate people and exciting opportunities that are provided by the town—not only the beach and public pool, tennis courts, golf course, the Town Party, road races, Polo, arts events, shopping days on Greenwich Avenue, holiday events in Cos Cob and Old Greenwich, lectures at the library, volunteering opportunities–it’s hard to be bored in Greenwich! And almost wherever we go, I’m bound to run into someone I know, which makes Greenwich feel like a really small town, in the best possible way.


We love supporting local businesses…can you please share your favorite places too…


 Go to dinner for date night—It’s been a while since I had a date! But I’d say L’Escale, East End, Lugano or The Cottage in Westport

 Go to dinner with kids—We love Mexican food and  Bar Taco is our go-to but the new La Taqueria at the top of Greenwich Avenue is quickly becoming a new favorite!

 Go for moms night out—I love live music and nothing beats The Capital Theater, but Little Beet Kitchen is great for fresh, yummy cocktails or Old Greenwich Social for a more relaxed night. Lugano also has a fun bar and live music.

 Grab coffee—Joe’s in Old Greenwich, Lorca in Cos Cob, CFCF on the Avenue all have delicious coffee plus are great for quick meetings or doing some work.

 Go shopping—Out of the Box and Shoes ‘n More

 Go for pampering (hair/nails/etc)—Noble Nail in Cos Cob for manicures and Hairstylings by Monique in Stamford for my hair. Monique has been cutting my hair since I was a girl!

 Have fun as a family—We love riding bikes at Tod’s Point on Sundays, going to the movies and playing basketball at Hamilton Avenue School courts, and Sky Zone is a perennial favorite.

 Workout—I don’t have much time for regular workouts, so if I can grab a few minutes it’s usually a quick jog or walk around the block or some yoga at home, but if I have more time, I love doing a semi-private group training at Combine Training. I’m also dying to try the Bill Blanks Jr. class, Dance it Out–just as soon as I find some time!


 Any other fave local spots—Cap, Cork and Cellar is one stop shopping for cocktail party prep—Richard has an amazing selection of wines and organic spirits plus all the fixings for cocktail snacks—Cowgirl Cheese from California, patés, olives, nuts, crackers and he has tastings and live music on the weekends, so fun! Funky Monkey, the new toy store on Greenwich Avenue has a great selection and Chocoylatte has the most delicious hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted.

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