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Becoming a mom is a beautiful thing, but pregnancy and childbirth can really do a number on your body. That’s why Amie Ashley, the founder of Ashley Hogan Physical Therapy, has dedicated herself to helping women in the Greenwich/Westchester area regain their pelvic health, during pregnancy and after. With 15 years of experience, her services include treatments for pelvic pain, urinary leakage, painful intercourse, diastasis recti (aka abdominal separation) and more. Amie travels to her clients’ homes, giving both privacy and convenience to busy moms. Here’s more about this Cos Cob-based mom of two:
How would you describe your business?
Ashley Hogan Physical Therapy (combo of my maiden and married names) is a pelvic health practice offering private, in-home appointments. I see women during pregnancy, immediately after (hello, 4th trimester) and even years after having kids. This type of therapy deserves the privacy of your own home and the convenience of someone coming to you. I can be there while the baby naps, after school drop off, whenever. You only need to carve an hour out of your day, no travel time or babysitters needed.
How long have you been doing it and why did you start the business?
I have been a PT since 2002. My specialty was outpatient orthopedics, with an emphasis on female athletes. I took a break to be home with my kids and redirect my focus to pelvic floor physical therapy. I would hear all the time from women that I worked out with that after jumping rope they would have to go home and change their clothes. It’s insane that we accept and live with these issues (back pain, incontinence, painful sex) just because “we had kids and this is what happens”.
Do you have any secrets you use to help moms strengthen more quickly?
Do your kegels in varying positions. Sitting, standing, walking, while having sex!
I prescribe exercises or activities to do during daily life: while walking the dog, sitting in the pick up line, enduring one more soccer practice. The easier it is to fit into your life, the more compliant you will be.
How have you found a balance between mom life and career life?
At my previous job, I had a terrible work/life balance. Endless hours away from home, commuting to/from Wall Street. Now, I make my family my priority. Work will always evolve, expand and fill in the gaps. I set clear limits in my head and in my daily calendar. It’s a constant struggle.
What are some of your favorite spots in the Greenwich to:
Eat out with the kids: Little Pub. They had us at wiki sticks. Also, Bar Taco.
Go on date night: Truck, East End or Le Fat Poodle
Meet a friend for lunch: Myx
Grab coffee: Lorca (inside of Fleishers)
Go for girls’ night: Louie’s or The Spread
Shop for yourself: JCrew for the basics, Lululemon to keep me motivated
Shop for your kids: Anna Banana and Crewcuts
Go to have fun with your kids: We live near the Pinetum—it’s a perfect place for family walks year-round and Tod’s Point in the summer.
What’s one thing that would surprise people about you in real life?
I’m an insanely private person and don’t love being hugged. Crazy that all I do for a living is touch people!
What do you love about living in Greenwich?
I love being so close to NYC. I lived there for 10 years before my husband brought me here, kicking and screaming. Then I discovered that Greenwich really is the best of both worlds—great suburban peace, with easy access to the city.
Why are good mom friends so, so important?
Mom friends make sure that you don’t feel alone. We’re all going through this craziness together, but it helps to have the reassurance that my kids aren’t the only insane ones!
What are your hopes for Ashley Hogan PT for the next year?
My hope is that referrals to a pelvic floor physical therapist become routine in the initial 4-6 months after having a baby. It’s the best time to address these issues. Little known fact: urinary incontinence is a huge contributor to post-partum depression.
What’s your best tip for keeping your sanity with two little ones?
Throwing something simple, but fun into an otherwise routine day—like pancakes for dinner. I recently talked to my mom about how I have such fond memories of that as a child. She said, “Really?!? Those were the days I was barely keeping it together!” Funny how kids see everything just a bit differently than we do! Oh and wine. Can’t forget the wine.
If you had one day all to yourself, what would you do (assuming you’d stay in the area)?
I would get up and peacefully watch the news with a cup of tea (and finish it while it’s still hot). Then I would work out at Fit By July, mani/pedi at Posh, leisurely shop along the Ave and end with dinner at the bar at East End—spa salad with salmon for the win!

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