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In honor of Father’s Day, we spoke with Dan Quigley, an active at-home dad who grew up in Greenwich and puts his love of this town to work as President of his HOA Board, becoming a member of the RTM from District 1 and a member of the Town Finance Committee, and currently exploring a run for public office in Town!
Can you please tell us a bit about your family?
My name is Dan Quigley and I grew up in Greenwich. My wife, Antoinette is French and we live downtown with our five year old son Max.
Why did you choose your neighborhood?
Being in downtown Greenwich is very appealing to us and once our son was about two, we began to realize we were beginning to outgrow our small, two bedroom condo. When the chance to buy the unit next to ours presented itself, we made the decision to do it and go through a major renovation to join the two units and make them functional. Being downtown is so appraling to us because there is never a shortage of things to do, and Max and I get to use Havemeyer Field as our back yard! Also, being that Antoinette is from Paris, she loves the easy access to everything that being downtown offers.
Tell me how about your efforts to stay connected to this community you grew up in?
I have become more civically engaged as I’ve gotten older. I am the President of my HOA Board, a member of the RTM from District 1, on the Town Finance Committee and am currently exploring a run for public office in Town. Above all, I am a highly active at home Dad who is constantly up to various activities with our son.
What’s your favorite part about Greenwich?
Obviously Tods Point is a fantastic amenity in Town, but to me I really love early mornings downtown, before anyone is out and about. It’s very peaceful and a unique time of the day.
How did growing up in Greenwich help shape who you are today?
Growing up in Greenwich was a real blessing in that I made most of my lasting friendships here, in school. Also, going through the public school system gave me access to meet all types of kids. Greenwich is a melting pot and rarely ever gets credit for the diversity of its community.
Favorite places in Greenwich to…
Eat Out with Your Family: Living downtown certainly lends itself to going out to dinner a bit more often than the average household. We love Meli-Melo, Versailles, Pasta Vera, and Max loves Abis Hibachi as well.
Date Night: Blackstone’s or Polpo.

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