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Sally Cadoux, Founder and Empowerment Trainer demonstrated safety tips for runners last Monday night to recognize National Running Safety Month at Fleet Feet Sports in Stamford who has regular weekly running groups that meet at the store and the store retails safety apparel for runners.
Athena Personal Safety’s mission is to empower all women and girls with preventative safety tips and, the need for runners to learn and understand outdoor safety tips is prevalent.  “A good safety plan is just as important as a good training plan,” said Sally.  “Runners should gear up to be able to see and be seen.” Very often runners gear up like a warrior ninja and dress in all black, it is important to be mindful to wear bright colors and reflective items to ensure people see you and you avoid dangerous situations.
Whether you run to stay fit or to maintain your peace of mind be prepared before you step out for your solo run outdoors. Even if you have been running into the woods, through trails early in the mornings or late at night with your safety lights on there are still many preventative measures you can take to ensure your safety as well as safety tips you should be aware of before heading out for your empowering run.
Athena’s Top 15 Running Tips:
Run Smart: Run Safe
1. Be aware and stay alert at all times. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are.
2. Wear identification and avoid wearing jewelry.
3. Do not wear headphones or only wear one so you can hear approaching vehicles or people.
4. Run against traffic.
5. Know where the telephones are located along your route; Restaurants, Stores, Fire Departments.
6. Run where there are people.
7. Let someone or a few others know when and where you are running.
8. Try to run with others versus alone.
9. Run in familiar areas avoiding unpopulated locations.
10. At night, wear reflective material and run along well-traveled roadways.
11. If running solo, avoid paths, desolate school tracks or remote waterways.
12. If someone slows down and asks for directions, keep a safe distance.
13. Make eye contact with people you pass, project calmness and strength and keep moving.
]14. Run with confidence, and with caution.
15. Get trained in self-defense!
Athena’s mantra is “If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t” and our motto is “If you see something, say something.” Today, more than ever the need for personal safety training has become a priority and a social responsibility for all of us.  Athena Personal Safety Training recently launched to provide a more modern and sustainable approach to self-defense training for women by offering a comprehensive series of risk awareness, prevention education and physical workshops.
Athena’s workshops offer realistic practices that can be used in our everyday lives whether we are interacting with loved ones, fellow students, colleagues at work or running outdoors alone. Workshops include: Mental fitness training, effective listening, setting boundaries, situation analysis, risk assessment and management, bystander intervention and physical self-defense training. Sessions are typically two hours in length and programs are customized to meet the demographics of the group. “Self-defense is not martial arts, it is a form of street fighting,” says Cadoux. “All women should be empowered with self-defense training and safety tips so that they can live their lives confidently.”
Founder: Sally Cadoux, the mother of three, has been taking care of an extended family of eight for the last twenty years since she last left a career in New York City.  Over recent years, while exploring her own individual purpose, Sally achieved numerous degrees and certifications while also teaching fitness classes and coaching private clients. Sally is dedicated to practicing and teaching personal safety through integrated wellness techniques. She is a Fitness Trainer, Certified RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Instructor, Self Defense Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Mixed Martial Artist and holds Black Belts in Kickboxing and The Calasanz MMA, Boxing and Physical Art systems. Athena Personal Safety is headquartered in Westport, CT.
For more information on Self Defense Classes or Workshops, you may call 203.984.1178 or email [email protected]

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