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Ok everyone… is time really flying or are our days so chock full that we don’t notice that a month has passed! It seems to be a recurring theme for me!
We all know that Thanksgiving is November’s claim to fame! We will be celebrating near and far, either hosting or as a grateful guest. Having been both, I would love to share with you a few tips to do both easily, happily and gratefully.
You’re invited! I have a brother who is very social- loves to host and be hosted… his mantra for being a guest? Be interesting and interested!! He comes with a few tidbits to share… fun and neutral pop/sports/fashion nuggets that are fun and interesting. He is also a wonderful listener, genuinely interested in the person he is speaking with. In what could be a challenging environment, this has become even more important.
Here are a few road map points: Don’t show up empty handed, Don’t get in the way, Do as you are told. Your host/hostess will be most grateful (catching the theme here?)

Offer to come early and help set the table.
Don’t bring a dish unless you are asked. Your host/hostess has planned her menu carefully.

If you do bring a dish, bring it completed or in small containers with all the elements pre-chopped. Salad is always a good choice. Dump in the bowl and done! Wrap your pre-washed greens in paper towels and all other elements in small baggies or containers. Bring in the same bowl (preferably white which goes with everything). Have vinaigrette in a mason jar that you can shake before serving.

Don’t have to use the oven to heat up your dish!! This is a major no-no. Nothing is more precious on Thanksgiving than oven space!!

Consider a nightcap- Your hostess has been working on her menu and accompanying wines since Labor Day. So if you are bringing a beverage, consider something to savor when your hosts have their feet up and relaxing!

Your host/hostess most probably has overnight guests and is tired from cooking. Bring breakfast makings. Pancake Mix and a bottle of high quality pure maple syrup goes a long way!
The next meal – For sure there are lots of left overs, however, it’s always good to have another easy weekend meal planned, especially one that can be prepared ahead.
This is our beouf Bourgignon – with mashed potatoes:

Recipe available on our Facebook Page – FestivitiesCT

For kids of all ages!! Thanksgiving can fly by in a rush of family and friends and food. What about a Thanksgiving version of an Advent Calendar? For each day in November, have the kids (of all ages) write a simple sentence of what they are grateful for that day. It’s a wonderful way to notice the good things and good people in our lives who through their thoughtful ways, make our lives richer.

Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail
What a way to enjoy Thanksgiving!!
Equal parts Prosecco, Apple Cider, a splash of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
Garnish with a cinamonn stick!

Follow us on Pinterest for many other creative holiday cocktails!

For fun and easy) Entertaining give us a call! Our fall is full of heartwarming favorites! Don’t forget the holidays are upon us! We have designed such fun and delish menus for the holidays that are welcoming and comfortable. My favorite right now (as in right now)? Our Tuscan Farm Dinner complete with an 90 pound wheel of Parmigiana Reggiano carved out and ready for hot pasta to melt down that cheese!! A great focal point for a holiday dinner… full of cheer and fun! Please email me at [email protected] or call us at 203 847 7774/festivitiesevents.com
For your special events, our event designers and chefs are ready to plan your celebration with style!!!
Love sharing with you all! Until next month – DECEMBER!! Can you believe!
Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with a grateful heart!
Xo – Roe

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