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The primary focus of Infant Aquatics CT is to teach your child to become a productive swimmer or floater in any depth of water. As a result of his/her instruction, your child will become a skilled survival floater or swim-float-swimmer in just WEEKS, NOT YEARS.  These skills will greatly increase your child’s chance of surviving an aquatic accident, even fully clothed!   We are different because we teach each student with a gentle and encouraging approach, recognizing that each child is uniquely different. Your child may learn one skill quickly and then it may take longer to acquire another skill. This is perfectly normal for children.  Like dance, sports skills or learning a musical instrument, learning to swim is a process that must be nurtured and developed over time. It is a motor skill that will improve with consistent exposure, repetition and practice.  Once a child has accomplished a skill, they will want to do it again and again. S/He will feel secure, confident, and proud of their accomplishments.  Rest assured that acquisition of new skills and allowing your child to feel confident with his/her ability in the water will be kept in balance throughout the learning process.
We typically start teaching children when they begin rolling (generally 6-8 months of age).  For this age group, we teach survival floating – that is, rotating from a face-down position in the water to a survival float.  For children who are walking, or very close to walking (generally around 12 months of age), we teach the swim-float-swim sequence – that is, swimming in a face down position, using their arms and legs (similar to a crawl stroke); rolling onto the back to the same survival float; and then flipping back over to continue swimming.  Lessons run either 3, 4 or 6 weeks, depending upon the age of the child.  The number of weeks often depends on the child’s abilities since our lessons are child-paced.  Please remember every child is different.  We want your child to be competent in each skill presented.
Once your child completes the private survival instruction, s/he may move immediately into weekly 30-minute group classes to further enhance and maintain his/her skills.  The Aquababies classes are for children 7-about 30 months, the FunDay classes are for those children 2-31/2 years of age, and Strokes N’ Floats are for all children ages 4+.  Please visit my website at for more information, photos and videos of all group classes.
Dena Blum-Rothman
Certified Infant Aquatics Survival Swimming Instructor
(203) 795-9600
Instagram:  @infantaquaticsct

At Infant Aquatics CT, barely a month goes by when we don’t get a letter from a parent who says they wish they knew about our program sooner. I’m hoping you can help us reach that next parent before it’s too late. Please share my website ( or with your friends and family.

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