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Happy New Year, Greenwich Moms! Hoping everyone’s holiday was as joyful as it looked on your Instagram (nice work forcing your entire family to wear matching pjs). And, yes, we know it was cold in Florida. Speaking of social media, you’ve probably been seeing people share their “in and out” lists for 2023. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’re spending too much time with your children and not enough on your phone. Basically, instead of making ridiculous resolutions you’ll never keep (looking at you, “I’m only drinking one night a week”), you’re declaring what you want to keep or bring into 2023 — and what you don’t. 

Like those shearling clogs we wore twice and bichon poo puppies with behavioral issues, this is a trend Greenwich Moms couldn’t resist. Here’s what we’re leaning into and what we’re designating so last year. 



  • Saying you need to watch Glass Onion but never watching it.
  • Getting your Ozempic covered by insurance.
  • Microdosing on a Monday.
  • Making a 5:30 dinner reservation.
  • Having dad friends.
  • Switching from thongs to full coverage briefs.
  • Wearing skinny jeans without asking if it’s okay to wear skinny jeans. (It is.)
  • Using hyaluronic acid lube.
  • Wondering if you’re in perimenopause.(Probably.)
  • Considering a throuple. 
  • Googling “what is buccal fat?” (It’s pronounced “buckle” btw).
  • Subscribing to newsletters.
  • Forgetting about picture day.
  • Wishing season two of Sex/Life was on already. 
  • Dropping off your dry cleaning.



  • Texting “HNY.”
  • Admitting your bag is fake.
  • Checking your voicemail.
  • Cleaning the humidifier.
  • Asking if you should order a bottle for the table. (You should.)
  • Apologizing for your outfit.
  • Using your “customer service” voice.
  • Being obsessed with your water bottle.
  • “Forgetting” to text your facialist’s contact info.
  • Showing people where you think you need Botox.
  • Wearing workout clothes out to dinner.
  • Expecting your husband to care about what Lindsey R. said about Lindsay S.
  • Emailing the teacher.
  • Picking up your dry cleaning.

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