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School is almost out for summer which means that your kids will have unlimited time for fun (within the boundaries you’ve set). The Coastal Orthopedics team always encourages your children to get outside, get active, and most importantly have fun! There are so many summer activities to choose from such as going on bike rides, playing on the playground, swimming, riding a skateboard and so much more. While it can seem like all fun and games, we advise that you take some precautions first!

Injuries From Skateboarding and Bicycling Are More Common Than You Think 

Skateboarding has become a popular summer activity for adolescents in the past couple of years. It seems like everyone wants to become the next Tony Hawk or Sky Brown, a 13-year-old Olympic medalist. While we do encourage your children to pursue their dreams, at Coastal Orthopedics we want to make sure that they’re doing so safely. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the emergency department sees approximately 70,000 injuries a year due to skateboarding. The majority of injuries occur to children under the age of 15. Due to the number of injuries that are seen in children who skateboard, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children aged 6 to 10 need close supervision while riding a skateboard, and children under the age of 5 shouldn’t be riding one at all.

Riding a bike can seem like a harmless activity for your children to participate in, but according to the accident statistics from the National Safety Council, the National Center for Injury Prevention, and other sources, over 250,000 children are injured as a result of cycling-related accidents. Many of the common injuries that occur due to skateboarding and bicycling include sprains, strains, broken bones, and wrist fractures.

To minimize your child’s risk of injury while bicycling and skateboarding here is a list of tips to follow:

  • Wear Proper Protective Gear – always wear a helmet and closed-toe shoes while riding a bike or skateboarding. Knee pads and wrist guards are also recommended.
  • Ride In A Safe Environment – your child’s risk of injury increases if they ride near traffic or in other well-traveled areas and places that have a bumpy or wet surface.
  • Use The Right Technique – teach your child the right way to ride a skateboard and bike, as well as show them how to fall safely.

At Coastal Orthopedics, we know that pain doesn’t take off weekends. If your child has sustained an injury, skip the ER and visit OrthoCare Express open 7 days a week for quality orthopedic care!

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