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Motherhood has a tendency to be all-encompassing. It can even feel like by adding the title of “Mom” to your resume, you lose a little bit of what makes you, you. Whether you left the workforce and need a new outlet, haven’t had time for hobbies you used to love, or just want to mix up your routine, integrating creativity back into your life can help you reclaim some of that pre-kids person.

Rebecca Tipermas is a Riverside mom of four helping other moms do just that. After stopping teaching to start her family (she now has a 9-year-old daughter, twin 7-year-old sons and a 3.5-year-old son), she launched Becky Frank Designs to help other moms find their creative outlet and showcase some of her own creations.

We spoke to this busy mom about her new project, the importance of creativity and more.

Can you please tell us a bit about your career, pre and post-kids?
Since childhood I have always loved exploring various creative hobbies – outlets that served me well while following more traditional professional pursuits. I taught middle school for two years through Teach for America and worked in the non-profit sector. Before college I spent a year doing an AmeriCorps program. Giving back and helping others has always been woven into my professional work. When I stopped working full-time to focus on family life I knew I wanted the next phase of my career to be more entrepreneurial and creative in focus.

Why is creativity so important for adults as well as kids?
Research shows that engaging in creative expression increases the feeling of positive emotions and overall wellbeing at all stages of life. Intuitively, we know this and that is why parents spend endless time and resources organizing new experiences and activities for their children. Unfortunately this same emphasis is often lost during adult stages of life when we rarely give ourselves the permission to explore new ideas and interests. My emphasis on creative living seeks to bring that attention back to the realm of adulthood.

What are some ways that you helps Moms reach that goal?
I am here to help moms incorporate creativity into their daily lives in a number of fun ways. For example, my-in person creative events are a great way to discover new forms of expression while enjoying a relaxed and social setting. I also customize creative activities that can be incorporated into a more traditional event like a bridal or baby shower or even a mom’s night out with friends.

Establishing a more consistent creative habit can be accomplished by blocking out time in our calendars like we would for exercise or any important appointment. If finding a solid time block feels challenging then start smaller. Focus on an activity that you can do anywhere. Put the materials in a small bag – something that is easy to keep with you and ready to go whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Starting with five or ten minutes a few times a week can slowly grow into a more consistent creative practice. Also, stay open-minded about what creativity means for you. When thinking about how to make creativity a bigger part of your day think about what you are sincerely curious about and what you want to spend time doing. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power that can come from having the support of a broader community. Part of what Becky Frank Designs is here to do is help build that community and be the support you need to make a new endeavor stick.

What if you want a creative outlet but you don’t know where to start?
Call me! My services are designed to meet people where they are and to make the process of exploring creative ideas and experiences fun, inspirational, and streamlined. Also, it is important to remember that creativity is not limited to the realm of “arts and crafts” activities. Creativity is about discovering and tapping into our curiosity, nurturing new skills and interests, and seeing where they will take us.

Wonderful. What’s the best way to get started?
Our process is extremely customized and starts with listening to you and moving forward from there. The best way to reach out is to fill out the form on the Services page of my website ( or to e-mail me at [email protected]. From there we start with a complimentary call so that I can better understand your needs and interests.

Also please follow me on Instagram @beckyfrankdesigns and sign up for my newsletter when you visit my website

Anything else you’d like to share?
Summer is a wonderful time of the year to use creativity to connect with your kids, family, and friends. My customized kits are fun to have on hand during a family outing or vacation or as a way to replace screen time on a rainy summer day. E-mail me and we will put something together that fits your specific needs, interests, and family dynamics. 


Also, I am very excited to be facilitating in person events this summer – right now I have two beading pop ups scheduled at Cups n’ Cones in Old Greenwich on July 20th and August 9th from 10:30AM -12PM. These are great opportunities to spend a morning trying something new! Tickets can be purchased on my website:


Hope to see you there!

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