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It’s All About the Booty 

There are many women that come to our offices seeking cosmetic surgery and other treatments to diminish cellulite and improvement the look of their buttocks, hips and thighs – key for a hot mom summer. Cellulite, which affects 80-90% of women, occurs due to a slow-down of collagen production which is responsible for skin’s strength and elasticity. Fat cells then have room to enlarge and push against the thinner skin while fibrous bands underneath the skin become thicker causing the dreaded dimpling often referred to as the “cottage cheese effect”.  Aveli® is a remarkable, minimally invasive treatment for cellulite. Aveli® breaks the fibrous bands that cause the dimpling effect known as cellulite to improve the appearance of the buttocks and thighs. Aveli® is a simple in-office treatment which provides long lasting visible results with high patient satisfaction. Another solution to reduce cellulite in larger areas is Cellulaze®, which we often combine with liposuction. The Cellulaze® laser also breaks down fibrous bands to provide a smoother contour and improved skin tone. Our advanced radiofrequency with microneedling device, Morpheus8, delivers exceptional results for cellulite. The treatment targets deep into the dermis to restructure collagen which improves skin quality, texture and strength. The microneedles assist in releasing the fibrous bands and patients have been thrilled with the results. Buttock enhancement with Sculptra® is another popular treatment to correct hip dips as well as to provide a more sculpted derriere. Fat transfer to the buttocks, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, is a popular procedure to enhance buttocks and hip contour resulting in a perkier and shapelier silhouette. 

Sexy Knees Please

The skin above the knees is a difficult area to tone up, no matter the level of exercise done, that crinkly skin above the knees is challenging for patients to improve until now. We were motivated to create “The Greenberg Knee Rejuvenation System” consisting of a diversified approach in order to provide our patients with firmer and more toned knees. The system starts with the Morpheus8 microneedling and radiofrequency treatment to improve skin tone and texture and tighten the skin above the knees. We then incorporate PDO threads which act as a scaffold to the weak tissue above the knees in order to provide a lift.  We complete the system with Sculptra® injections to contour the knee as well as to further increase collagen production for a firmer, sexier knee.

Calling for Cleavage

Summertime offers women the chance to wear bikini tops and other seasonal clothing, which in turn increases some patients’ desire to improve breast shape and contour. Utilizing our innovative mini-incision 24 Hour Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation System, we provide upper pole fullness (aka cleavage) combined with enhanced shape and contour which has our patients enjoying their summer wardrobes with increased confidence and style. This ultra-modern approach offers a true rapid recovery where our patients are back to routine activities the very next day! We also provide a quick recovery for breast lift and breast reduction patients who are looking to alter their size and remove excess tissue so that their breasts are restored to a more youthful shape and position.

Guys, Take Off Your Shirt This Summer

We help many men achieve a tighter abdomen, reduce the fatty pockets on their chest and restore their hairlines. Gynecomastia, also known as male breast over development affects 40-60% of all men and the cause is often unknown. We offer a customized solution to remove excess glandular tissue and fatty pockets on the chest to achieve a flatter, firmer and tighter look. Oftentimes, we combine our gynecomastia procedure with liposuction and Renivion JPlasma technology to provide even greater skin retraction for a more dramatic result. 

Turn Heads with a Healthy Glow 

Facial rejuvenation is quick and easy with the cutting-edge technology in our med spas. From the Morpheus8 device to improve skin quality, texture and laxity to Ultherapy for a non-surgical lift to the jowls, brows, neck and decolletage to CoolPeel® and IPL photorejuvenation to remove brown spots and unsightly veins, the Greenberg med spas provide state-of-the-art treatments in a luxury setting with optimal results. Surgical facial options such as Facelifts, Mini-Facelifts, Eyelid Lifts, Neck Lifts and Plasma Lifts result in a refreshed and more youthful appearance quicker than ever before. Our Micro Mini Facelift has become extremely popular to refresh and enhance facial features and has many patients restaurant ready in a matter of days. Our Liquid Facelifts include a combination of dermal fillers injected along with Botox Cosmetic® to lift, restore and contour the cheeks, jowls, lower face ,lips and eyes many times with immediate results.

There is still time to achieve the look you desire for the summer. Call 844-486-0005 or visit to schedule your personal and complimentary consultation.


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