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This story was contributed by Greenwich Moms contributor Reon Baird-Feldman, PhD.

Needless to say, the holiday season can be a challenging time of the year. Moms have a to-do list a mile long, there are a flurry of social engagements and this year, possibly a return to travel. Below are a few tips to help all of us survive them. They are in no particular order; however, I am especially fond of number one:

  1. Dont forget about you…treat yourself! You’ve worked hard. You’ve gotten all the presents for everyone, lit the candles, put up the tree, created the menus and sang a song…or two. It’s hard work preparing to enjoy the holidays. Get yourself a gift! It can be anything from that whipped cream-topped drink at Starbucks, that new barre or yoga class you’ve always wanted to try, a massage…anything. You deserve it!
  2. Make a list! Make a realistic to do list so that you not only feel more organized but accomplished as well. The feeling of accomplishment is rewarding. It also helps to keep us motivated. Plan ahead…which could mean taking days off, and/or being flexible with your time.
  3. Delegate/enlist help! Seek help from a babysitter, relative or friend, or request extra time at daycare if you can. That way you may be better able to tackle things on your list while having the peace of mind that the kids are having fun, or provide you with time to rest and/or recharge.
  4. Perfection is not reality! Remind yourself that things don’t have to be perfect. If a present isn’t in stock…it’s OK. If the house isn’t spotless, no one will judge (hopefully). The kids will love you and enjoy the holidays regardless. In reality, a fun house is not necessarily a clean house.


About Reon Baird-Feldman, PhD

Licensed to practice psychology/neuropsychology in NY and CA, Dr. Baird-Feldman recently joined the psychology team for a reality television show while managing her private practice and working in a nursing home in NY. She currently resides in Greenwich, CT with her husband, Doug, and two daughters, Simone (7 years old) and Saya (4 years old).

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