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This story was contributed for our wellness columnist, Michelle Calarco.


If you’ve ever watched sports on TV, Hannah Storm is a familiar face. A pioneer in the field of sports broadcasting for women, the award-winning ESPN anchor has set the bar high for TV sports journalism. She’s also an advocate for children’s issues and a published author. We spoke with the Greenwich mom of three about her healthy living routine, what keeps her grounded and a fun event she’s hosting this Fall in Stamford.

What helps you manage stress and stay grounded?

  • I love to be in the kitchen and create things. I love to entertain and cook with and for people. I have a cocktail. Laugh with my friends. Go to dinner with my husband. Work out. Hang with my dog. I read every night. I should probably meditate more!


What does your exercise routine entail?

  • I work out five to six days per week— as much as possible remotely with my trainer. I need someone to tell me what to do! We do weights, Pilates based exercises, etc. I’m not crazy about cardio but I dutifully get on my elliptical or go for a swim when the weather is good! I’m NOT into Peloton, ha! But my husband is addicted!

Bristol, CT – November 9, 2020 – Studio X: Hannah Storm on the set of SportsCenter. (Photo by Kelly Backus / ESPN Images)


Why is it important in your opinion for us all (as moms) to prioritize being active?

  • Obviously if we’re not healthy everything falls apart! Also raising kids requires you to be active in any number of ways and have lots of energy. Even now as I just moved my youngest back to college, I’m reminded about how physical parenting duties can be at times! Also it enables you to do fun and adventurous things with your kids. I’ve climbed everything from glaciers to volcanos on trips with my girls and those are incredible memories you have together.


We understand you’re hosting a Celebrity Fundraiser event on September 28 at The Village in Stamford. Can you tell us more?

  • It’s a celeb waiter cocktail night! All my buddies from sports and entertainment come together and out on aprons and serve food and cocktails. It’s a blast! We raise money for the Hannah Storm Foundation which funds surgeries for children suffering from vascular anomalies, which result in serious and disfiguring birthmarks. For more info, please visit




About Michelle Calarco: Michelle is a communications expert and a wellness enthusiast. After honing her storytelling craft in media and television, Michelle went on to elevate the profiles of premier brands across the hospitality, healthy living, and better-for-you food spaces. She has always been passionate about living and eating well and became even more immersed in health when she became a mom. On weekends you can find her squeezing in a barre class (during Paw Patrol) and baking healthyish desserts with her little one. Michelle has a consulting business and resides in Greenwich with her husband and 2-year-old son.


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