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Don’t get too relaxed this summer folks… July is right around the corner and for many that means prepping for August reentry. Sign-ups ups, decisions, tryouts, fall activities, and with some sports like crew, year-round commitments. Ahhh! Take a deep breath though, we’ve got your back. We also want to hear from you if your league, your favorite sport, or the team you coach has important information folks should know about without diving deep into the confusing world of the interweb. And of course, if you have questions reach out directly! Website is coming soon, but in the meantime hit us up via DM.

TCS is a community driven youth sports information portal. The theme is inclusion, communication, and deciphering the elements in youth sports that feel daunting, overwhelming, competitive, and just plain UNfun. We’re here to help! Remember, as my brilliant neighbor once told me, life on the B, C, D team is OKAY! In fact, it may be better. You got this. Don’t lose sight of why we and our kids play sports and the beauty of activity. Yes, some are meant to go pro, but that’s not what we’re focusing on here. Chances are slim people. TCS is about information and remembering why we do this. The love of the game people! Sweating to the oldies! Having… wait for it…. FUN!

GIRL’S ROWING starts AS EARLY AS AUGUST …. Get geared up if it sounds like your kid might like it!

(And you don’t mind what for some is a 4:30 am alarm to get you up and out)

I’m not a water person and I also have limited “grit,” but from what I’m recently hearing, the sideline scoop is that for the young women who do have that intense drive I’m missing, like to get up early, are looking for a year-round sport, and want a real community driven the team-is-ONE-unit type of activity, rowing could be right up your alley. Or right up the river? Especially in Greenwich and or surrounding Fairfield County.

I had a recent conversation with our newly anointed Ambassadora of crew, DJ April Larkensee info for her music prowess below. Yes, that’s an official title I’m bestowing on folks in our community who actually share information. Pay it forward. Know how truly important a community driven by information and inclusion is. It’s also a role for experts in their respective sports. Stay tuned for Phil Barker’s Ambassadorship on all things Squash and Pat Jackson’s killer perspective on lacrosse etc… but alas, as usual, I digress. April’s daughter Ella (a rising Junior in HS) impressively has been rowing since 5th grade. She’s got the blisters and the work ethic to show for it. She’s made countless sacrifices, as have mom and dad, and it has paid off in spades. Nothing short of great is a parent’s willingness to share with others what they’ve learned (the good, bad, ugly, sweaty, and the joy). Also, to be able to share how proud of the commitment and accomplishments their self-motivated child has demonstrated is why we do this. And to be able to gather information from a parent and a student athlete who has learned from the process is endlessly helpful. Although, I still don’t know if we call it rowing or crew, or both?

Crew. Rowing. The real one. Not the Hollywood pretend you row and pose in a photo to get into college BS. These ladies in the images (and the young men out there) are nothing short of phenomenal.

Heres’ the quick and dirty (and blistery – ouch- see photos)

And note – the fun facts below are for Girl’s Crew/Rowing. Boys interested in Crew may have different rules and standards not mentioned below.

  • Rowing starts as early as 5th grade and goes until 12th or college if you’re lucky!
  • It’s one of the highest Ivy League recruitment sports
  • Greenwich Crew has been #1 in the country many times over the years!!! They’re known as the “team to beat.”
  • GC is a club team run out of the Greenwich Water Club
    • The middle school program starts the summer after 5th grade or around 12 years old, and works with all the schools locally (public and private). Anyone interested in rowing is welcome.
  • It’s a 3-season sport and the tryout process is one and done
    • If you make it, you’re on for the entire year if you want in! Some sports have endless tryouts and kids can feel like they’re always fighting to stay on a team… not our favorite style. This creates unity and cohesiveness.
    • “Participation in another sport is not permitted.”
  • You row “novice” for a year before you are eligible to row “varsity”, but you still have to meet a “minimum standard” to be on the varsity team and to be included in regattas.
  • The 4:30 am time mentioned above is for the summer months only and for the varsity team. Other rules may apply for the novice level.
    • That early morning start is called “cutting glass” and it’s summer mornings only. What a beautiful way to start the day!
    • Practices are 6 days a week
    • 3.5 hours a day
    • 11 months a year
    • Whoa, could that be more intense than youth hockey?
  • Many say it’s one of the most community driven sports around – great if you’re trying to opt out of highly competitive sideline antics. They say it’s “all in” meaning it’s a family affair, one team – one dream baby!
  • Parents are known to be among the most “no judgment allowed types.” You row together, you win or lose together.
  • Sacrifices are a part of this sport – early wakeups (for some). Spring break and holidays are out the door too.
  • And expensive – regatta fees can be up to $10k on the high end.
    • Greenwich Crew has an amazing parent run organization called Friends of GC, who help to raise funds and subsidize fees for families of athletes with financial restraints.
  • Check out for more stats and important information
    • New rowers are welcome to join in August – season starts August 22nd, but novice tryouts happen the week prior (go to website for more info).
    • Some say these are among the “best female rowers in America!”
    • GC is competing at the Henley Royal Regatta in England and since we first started writing this article the V1 (Varsity I) girl’s crew team from GC WON! Greenwich Crew won the Prince Philip trophy at Henley!

Incredible achievement ladies. Congrats to all involved and what great timing! Get out there and get started and as mentioned above, ideas, questions, updates welcome.

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