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Caroline Johnson grew up in Westchester and recently settled in Greenwich, where she launched her business,Serenity Health. Caroline is a Holistic Nutritionist who works one-on-one with clients to create sustainable, long-term healthy eating habits. While she specializes in working with clients dealing with hormonal health issues and PCOS, she works to empower all women to heal their own bodies. We spoke to Caroline about her custom approach to nutrition coaching, her love for the Greenwich community and more.

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and why you chose to live and work in Greenwich?
I grew up in Chappaqua, NY and always loved coming to Greenwich for the great restaurants and shopping. After going to school and living in the city for many years, my boyfriend and I had an amazing opportunity to explore the West Coast on a cross-country road trip. Ultimately, we decided to move back to the East Coast and settle in central Greenwich because it felt like the perfect balance of having everything we love so close on The Avenue (and a short train ride to the city!) while still feeling calm, spacious, and quaint.

What else do you love about our community?
So many things! First and foremost I love that Greenwich actually feels like a community. In the city and after spending many months on the road, we were missing that sense of a tight knit community. Everyone here is so supportive and engaged with all that is going on in town which is super special. I’m so grateful for the access we have to nature, beautiful beaches, and amazing restaurants. It’s the best!

What is a holistic nutritionist and what did your training entail?
I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a specialization in women’s health and wellness. I offer one-on-one nutrition coaching focused on balancing nutrition and blood sugar to lose weight, promote hormone health, and improve fertility with the highest level of support and accountability. In addition to balanced nutrition, we address the many other aspects that influence wellbeing such as stress, movement, sleep, and mindset. As a holistic nutritionist, my work is a blend of functional medicine principles and evidence-based nutrition to heal the root cause of common symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, acne, and so much more.

Additionally, I was trained specifically in behavior change management. Breaking old habits and changing patterns around food is the most challenging part about eating healthier. It’s not just about information or knowing what to eat, it’s about understanding how to create sustainable change that leads to real transformation – and that’s what I help my clients achieve.

Why did you decide to focus on PCOS?
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormone and metabolic disorder among reproductive age women and it’s the leading cause of fertility challenges. Unfortunately, it’s also wildly misunderstood in the health community and treatment options are extremely limited in traditional settings. Women aren’t usually told when they are diagnosed that PCOS can be effectively managed through nutrition and lifestyle changes, and they’re left without answers. I was diagnosed with PCOS right around the time I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and through my education I learned how to manage it holistically long-term. My mission to help other women heal their hormones through balanced nutrition and lifestyle changes became clear.

What do you love most about your job?
I love being able to connect one-on-one with other people and help them transform their health in a sustainable way that works for them. So much about nutrition is discussed as a one-size-fits-all approach, and that just isn’t true. We’re all unique individuals with unique nutritional needs, and I love being able to witness the transformation my clients experience when we implement strategies that actually fit their lives. We get super granular, even down to the grocery list for the week and talking through the school pick up schedule to make sure they get in their workout. It’s so fulfilling seeing it all click and supporting my clients to finally feel vibrant and confident.

Who are some of your typical clients?
I primarily work with moms and moms-to-be who want to lose weight, balance their hormones, or improve fertility to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. I help my clients learn how to nourish themselves and their families with simple recipes, meal prep strategies, and individual nutrition guides.

Each weekly coaching session is dedicated to a specific topic, for example: balancing blood sugar for weight loss, self-care strategies for hormone health, or how to improve gut health. We celebrate current successes and dig into challenges in order to set and achieve realistic goals.

My approach is effective because we take it step-by-step and every evidence-based nutrition recommendation is highly personalized to each client. You’ll never have to resort to another quick-fix fad diet ever again!

If someone comes to see you, what can they expect?
The first step is a complimentary 15 minute introductory call, which is a chance for us to get to know each other a little bit better and talk through your health concerns. From there, we set up a 50-minute session and dive deeper into your health history, obstacles, and goals. Based on our conversation, I recommend a custom program package that will fit your needs.

What are some of your go-to weeknight meals for families? And lunch for busy moms?
My favorite weeknight family meals are grass-fed skirt steak tacos with homemade guacamole, creamy cauliflower protein pasta, or a quick veggie stir fry.

As for busy mom lunches, definitely my healthy chicken salad on a bed of greens or a hormone-friendly lemon tahini bowl. I share the full recipes of all these favorites on my Instagram @SerenityHealthHQ!

What are your favorite tips for moms struggling with healthy eating?
Don’t overcomplicate it! Keep it simple and focus on balanced whole food-based main meals with quality protein, fiber rich veggies, healthy fats, and some complex carbohydrates to nourish your body. I like to say choose ingredients that come from the earth, ocean, or farm, and avoid ultra-processed foods and refined sugar as much as possible. Prioritizing nutrient-dense foods is key.

We love to support local businesses. What are your favorite places to:

Get coffee: CFCF – I love their oat milk latte for a weekend treat.

Go for girl’s night: Hinoki, especially sitting at the bar!

Go for date night: Rosina’s is such a fun classic date spot.

Go for dinner as a family: Greenwich Flavor by Myrna’s, and I love that it’s family-owned.

Get your hair done: Salan H – Jena and Rae are the best!

Get your nails done: Posh Spa is my go-to.

Have fun as a family: Tod’s Point, always!


Anything else you’d like to share?
Book a complimentary consultation and mention ‘Greenwich Moms’ to receive one free 50-minute session. This is an opportunity to get a sense of what it’s like working with me and the results you can experience!

For all things nutrition, hormone balance, and holistic health check out my website and Instagram @SerenityHealthHQ.


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