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Did you know that while there are great options for infertility treatment in NYC, Greenwich Hospital also has best-in-class services, affiliated with NYU? Recently we spoke to Dr. Laura Meyer, Reproductive Endocrinologist at Greenwich Fertility, who is an attending physician at Greenwich Hospital, about the options they provide right here in Greenwich. To support pediatrics and women’s health at the hospital, buy your tickets to May 19’s Under the Stars event today


What is your role at Greenwich Hospital?

In my role as a Reproductive Endocrinologist at Greenwich Fertility, I am both an Assistant Professor at New York University School of Medicine and am an attending physician at Greenwich Hospital. After receiving my medical degree from NYU, I completed an OB/GYN residency followed by a three year fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center.  I grew up not too far from here, and always wanted to eventually move back to the area, so five years ago I joined Greenwich Fertility.  I was drawn to the practice because of its reputation for high quality care in a personalized and supportive setting.


Can you share a bit about what services are available there?At Greenwich Fertility we evaluate and treat patients for a wide range of reproductive hormonal issues and fertility-related concerns and disorders.  We provide services that include fertility evaluations, intrauterine inseminations, in vitro fertilization, reproductive surgery, donor sperm and donor egg cycles, medical or elective egg freezing, and gestational surrogacy.  It does sometimes surprise people when they learn how many different ways there are to grow a family.  With the numerous advancements that have happened in the field over the past few decades, we have many tools at our disposal to help our patients on their path to parenthood.  It is truly a privilege to be able to assist my patients in growing their families, and one of my favorite parts of the job is when they come back to visit or send me updates as their children are born and grow up.


I know that you offer 3rd party reproduction options. What does that refer to?
The term “third party reproduction” encompasses donor sperm, donor egg, and gestational carrier cycles.  We use these types of treatments when a patient or couple is unable to conceive using their own sperm, eggs, or uterus.  Third party reproduction has allowed us to help many patients who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to become parents.  The accessibility of third party reproduction has significantly increased over the past several years, which has made it a viable option for many more families.  Also, in the case of egg donation, improvement in the technology that is used to freeze eggs has allowed for the creation of donor egg banks.  These egg banks have made the process more affordable and have increased the availability of donor eggs for patients nationwide.


Can you talk about egg freezing, including who is this a good option for, and why is it increasing in popularity?
Egg freezing is a good option for women who would like to optimize their chances of being able to conceive a child in the future, but who are not ready to become pregnant at the current time.  Sometimes a woman freezes her eggs for medical reasons.  For example, if she was recently diagnosed with cancer and will be receiving chemotherapy that may damage the eggs in her ovaries, then she may decide to freeze eggs to use once her treatment is complete, after she receives a clean bill of health from her oncologist.  Alternatively, a woman may decide to freeze her eggs for social reasons, as she may not be at a place in her life where she is ready to start a family, but may have a desire to do so in the future.  As women age, the quantity and quality of the eggs in the ovary decline, but frozen eggs will always retain the quality of the age at which they were retrieved.  If a woman has difficulty getting pregnant and needs to go through fertility treatments, her chance of success would be higher with “younger” eggs that were previously frozen than with the eggs that she has in her body at her current age.  While the cost of egg freezing is often paid out of pocket, the price has come down over the last several years, and we are starting to see more insurance plans that cover it. Eggs are stored right at Greenwich Hospital in our Embryology lab along with embryos and sperm. Our Embryology lab is state of the art and our team is top notch in their professionalism and expertise.

What mind/body wellness initiatives does Greenwich Hospital have in this realm? I know that is a priority for your practice…
We always approach our patients from a holistic standpoint, and promote health optimization in preparation for pregnancy.  We are fortunate to have programs at Greenwich Hospital such as fertility yoga and the Pregnancy Exercise and Nutrition Initiative (PENI), which provide valuable services to our patients.  We also work closely with reproductive psychologists, nutritionists, and acupuncturists, who have helped many of our patients on their path to pregnancy.


Why should women consider Greenwich Fertility when getting help conceiving?
Greenwich Fertility offers world-class care in a supportive and nurturing environment.  I feel lucky to work with such a skillful, dedicated and compassionate team of doctors, nurses, and supporting staff members.  All of these people are instrumental in developing and carrying out personalized care plans for each patient.  Because we are sensitive to our patients’ individual needs and busy schedules, our nurses teach one-on-one fertility medication classes, and we have minimal wait times for our fertility treatment monitoring appointments.  Finally, at Greenwich Fertility we are proud of our excellent success rates, and it brings great joy to all of us to help our patients to become parents!


Why is the “close to home” factor important in some cases?
Fertility treatments typically require frequent office visits, and we take pride in delivering high pregnancy success rates in a setting that is conveniently located in the community.  Our patients are able to receive excellent care without the stress of commuting long distances to be seen for appointments and treatments.  Furthermore, since we have offices in Greenwich, Stamford, and Tuckahoe, NY, our offices are easily accessible to patients throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties.  


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