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Everything you need to know about Helix Piercings: By Rowan.

Helix piercing is above the lobe action.
That’s right, piercing along the inside ridge of the upper cartilage of your ear is considered a helix piercing. There are many different types of helix piercings and at Rowan, they’re all performed by licensed Nurses—as they should be.

The main difference between helix and lobe piercing is the placement and healing time. Helix piercings can take up to 12 weeks to initially heal but only 8 weeks if you use Rowan Advanced Aftercare solution. For it to fully heal may take up to 6-9 months. Whereas lobe piercings heal much faster.

Taking care of your helix piercing is key in a healthy healing process. We recommend cleaning your new piercing 2-3 times a day, but no touching. Giving your ears some air, that means, no pressing the back of your earrings. And avoiding it getting pulled or tangled by your hair, mask, earphones etc. Friction bumps are nobody’s friends. Trust us.

Now, once your ears have healed, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to take off your earrings. It’s very important to wear earrings consistently for at least one year—and good ones, like the ones we design. Metal allergies are more common than you think and can develop at any stage in life. Which is why all our jewelry is hypoallergenic.

What does it mean?
It means: No green ears, no rash, no allergic reactions. No nickel, brass or zinc.
We use premium metals only! Our jewelry is made of 14K solid gold, gold vermeil, gold over sterling silver, and sterling silver.

We have two ways of piercing: a hand pressurized device and needle. 

There are benefits to both.

Benefits for piercing by hand pressurized device:
It is a fast process,
It’s also helpful for everyone who may have a phobia of needles
It’s efficient for piercing the entire outer perimeter of the ear, And changing the jewelry is easier, once the piercing has healed.
We recommend this method for kids and adults who prefer it.

Piercing placements for hand pressurized device:
1. Lobe
2. Upper lobe
3. Helix

And before you ask: Is this device like a piercing gun?
No. A piercing gun is a spring-loaded machine that does not allow the piercer to control the pressure applied to tissues during piercing, which can result in ear tissue damage. We would never!

With our gentle hand pressurized device, our Nurses have full and precise control of the pressure that is applied.

Benefits for piercing by needle:
The jewelry is traditionally more decorative
For certain piercing placements such as conch, forward helix, tragus, and flat, this is the only way to do it.
We recommend this only for adults just because it takes longer to pierce using needles and kids find it hard to sit still. We know the feeling.

Piercing placements for needle:
1. Lobe
2. Upper lobe
3. Helix
4. Forward helix
5. Flat
6. Conch
7. Tragus

Here’s some helix piercing inspiration:
1. The more the merrier
2. A double dose
3. One steals the show

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