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This is the second part of a two-part series on the First Selectman race being contested on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2nd. We’re featuring interviews with the incumbent First Selectman, Republican Fred Camillo, and Democrat Bill Kelly.

Below, see Kelly’s responses to our questions below—and see Camillo’s here. Be sure to vote on Nov. 2!

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing the town of Greenwich?
The most important issue is the school infrastructure (as I have said from the beginning, see LWV Voting Guide and please compare and contrast).  However there are other key issues that have been unaddressed: affordable and available child care; affordable housing; flooding in Cos Cob, Pemberwick, OG; I 95 noise pollution; fire protection in NW.  All are important and all will be addressed.  Many more issues but my space is limited.

In your first 100 days of office what do you hope to accomplish?
In the first 100 days I will present, explain and defend my budget and my priorities which will move schools to the top of the capital priority list (Yes, this is the job of the First Selectman); fund year two of climate study effects and fund design work for career staffing at Round Hill or other choice location in NW.  I will also incorporate our I 95 noise reduction proposal into State design plans.  The 32M federal money will go to long term structural improvements in infrastructure to benefit the entire Town.

What do you think needs to be done in terms of our public schools to make them/keep them competitive with others in Fairfield County?
See response # 1.  Other schools in Fairfield County will never have our diversity.  We moved here for the diversity.  My wife Barbara and I raised our two children here and both went OG, EMS and GHS. Liz Zaccherio now lives in Riverside, an attorney, she takes care of our two grandchildren, one of whom now attends North Mianus. My other daughter, Kristen was President of GHS class of 2005.  I served two terms on Board of Education and I will actually interact with BOE and not treat it as a silo.  My future is in Greenwich.

How do you think Greenwich is doing in the fight against COVID and what do you see happening/do you hope to see happening through the spring?
We will follow the science; keep the parks open and not issue mandates that are unenforceable.  Hopefully by spring our masks are relics.

What do you love most about Greenwich?
I love that the 40% of voters who vote in this election will be informed voters who care as much about Greenwich as I do.  As for the other 60% who don’t vote..I’m disappointed.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I will just share that I am not a career politician.  I will provide the experience (RTM, BOE, BET, Claims Committee, School Building Committees), leadership and judgment that this Town needs and deserves.  Please talk to anyone who has ever worked with me.

Where can people find more info on you as a candidate?
Please look at the Voters Guide at Greenwich LWV.  My community CV is at Greenwich Democrats and my work resume is at my law firm website: GerberCiano.com.  Thanks for this opportunity.

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