One of the key benefits of a King School education is the many different opportunities they offer students to chart their unique paths to excellence as they grow as learners and people. Thanks to the tireless guidance and support of their teachers, college counselors, and families, the successes they created for themselves in the classroom, on the field, and on the stage helped them earn acceptances to the best schools in the country and abroad. Just as importantly, they achieved these successes while prioritizing their relationships with each other to create a strong, healthy social culture in their class.
Colleges have recognized within the Class of 2019 future scientists, artists, athletes, urban planners, pilots, professors, and so much more. Each student has made intentional decisions about his/her/their future, and where best to spend the next four years of their lives pursuing their dreams to reach their goals.

The three accomplished valedictorians, in their commencement speeches, how they learned to thrive:

Mallory Ehlers of New Canaan will be attending Brown University. In her commencement speech, she said, “In college, I will look for professors who mirror the teachers I had at King. Teachers who are so passionate about a topic that they sparked that same interest in their students, or helped them to develop an interest they never knew they had before.”

Grethe Andersen, who will be attending Washington University in St. Louis. In her commencement speech she said, “Through the pursuit of academic excellence, you build valuable relationships with your teachers and classmates. You learn about your community, and you learn to support each other, cultivating valuable social currency. That academically driven, yet supportive environment is what makes King so special.”

Annie Michalski of Darien, one of three Valedictorians, will be attending Dartmouth College. In her commencement speech, she said, “The King culture gave me the courage and confidence to ask questions, to make mistakes, and to explore and discover new possibilities. My teachers encouraged me, and others, to challenge our opinions, think for ourselves, and listen to each other.”

Click HERE to watch a video from the Seniors and see the College Matriculation list!

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