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If you’re feeling like now is the time to reset your habits and celebrate the renewed energy of Spring, we want to introduce you to the Dr. Katie Detox programs. The Dr. Katie Detox offers 5-day on demand and 10-day seasonal health resets emphasizing nutrient-dense food and gentle improvements to your daily rhythms in partnership with Courtney Evans of Well Refined health coaching and with meal delivery in collaboration with Chef Lisa of SoireeCT Catering.

The (DKD) Intensive, a transformative 5-day program is available with meal delivery for select weeks each season beginning March 29th and is also available on-demand as a download-only option. Take a look at the schedule below:

March 29 – April 2 (deliveries made evenings Mar 28-31) – Meal Plan A
April 12-16 (deliveries made evenings April 11-14) – Meal Plan B
April 26-30 (deliveries made evenings April 25-28) – Meal Plan A
May 17-21 (deliveries made evenings May 16-19) – Meal Plan B
May 24-28 (deliveries made evenings May 23-26) – Meal Plan A
June 7-11 (deliveries made evenings June 6-9) – Meal Plan B

During the program, you will optimize your wellness by crowding out toxic foods, shifting away from unhelpful habits and prioritizing yourself. You will receive guidance from Dr. Katie through daily digestible videos, practical tips from Coach Courtney, and access to two meals plans that emphasize plant-rich and anti-inflammatory nutrition.

Take a Look at Sample Menus, Below!

The program was created by Dr. Katie Takayasu, an Integrative Medicine doctor and Courtney Evans, Certified Health Coach and coach of the Dr. Katie Detox programs. Together, they’ve created the perfect option for us busy moms who want to practice some self care, feel good and learn portion control, in addition to how to build a balanced plate.

How did they do it? Simple… they’re Moms, too!

Dr. Katie is a mom to twin eight-year-old boys and an energetic puppy who keeps her on her toes. Coach Courtney calls Greenwich, CT home and is a mom to three thriving, school-aged children who challenge and delight her everyday.

Both of them have learned how to juggle the balance of having kids and a meaningful connection to their careers, but it’s not easy and requires a deep attention to the life rhythms that fuel them.

Both are passionate about helping moms stay healthy and feel their best! So, they are answering your questions about health, below!

Mom Health FAQ with Dr. Katie and Coach Courtney

What is the one thing I should be doing daily for my health?
We are big fans of taking the ‘shoulds’ out of life and focusing on empowering yourself to make small shifts every day that move you forward. The simple answer to the one thing you could be doing every day is ONE THING. What is one thing you can do that makes you feel whole and inspired today? Do that.

That said, we are also big fans of developing a non-negotiables list. This is the list of a few things that keep you grounded amidst the surrounding chaos of the world. The top things on our list would be hydrating from the get-go, putting your device down 1-2 hours before bed, 30 minutes of joyful movement, eating more plants and adding some healthy fat to your plate to boost your nourishment.

Between caring for my family and work, I don’t really think about my health often. Is there an easy way to fit things in?
It’s all about the mindset. The health of your family will be a reflection of your own health and wellbeing so prioritizing yourself first is key. Think the oxygen mask analogy: you have to put yours on before you are able to show up for your family or community. Perhaps you can set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier or prep food the night before. Oftentimes we get stuck in routines and convince ourselves that we don’t have time when in fact we really do — if we adjust our mindset to see abundance vs. deprivation.

How often should I really be working out? And how hard do I have to work out for it to be effective?
Research supports the idea that when women have been successful with something, they do more of it. If working out hard has been helpful for you in the past in maintaining your weight, for example, you may want to work out harder. However, this can be detrimental – especially if you are managing more stress than usual. The body will benefit from some movement each day. And we like to prioritize a balance each week of outdoor walking, yoga, some HIIT training and strength training. But it doesn’t have to be excessive or stressful. Think joyful. And think consistency.

After having kids I just can’t seem to drop the “baby weight,” what should I do?
When kids hit the scene, we all seem to snack more. Whether that be nibbling the snacks we serve them or taking bites of their dinner before we have our own. Focusing on nutrient-density + balance on your plate with an emphasis on fiber, fat + protein to begin with in order to balance blood sugar and then considering your portions will help support your weight management. Can you reduce the portion on your plate by just 10% to start? Including enough healthy fat in each meal, closing your kitchen at least 2 hours before bedtime, and finding ways to manage stress will help shift your weight in a more balanced direction. We also can’t underscore the importance of sleep in balancing your hormones so that your body feels ‘safe’ enough to lose weight.

I have a really hard time settling myself at the end of the day and going to bed at a decent time, which means I’m always tired. Any suggestions for ways to wind down at the end of the day?
Oftentimes it can feel like the only time we have to ourselves is at the end of the day after the kids are tucked in. Even though we’re usually exhausted, we’re already thinking ahead to what’s on our to-do list for the next day. Discovering the routine and ritual of nighttime can be a powerful shift. Think about how much love and  attention you’ve put toward developing this for your children. Could you do the same for yourself? An earlier dinner, a relaxing bath before bed, a soothing sleep environment (think dark and cool), and limiting that blue light from devices will help support a more restorative wind-down time and ultimately better sleep.

I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins and supplements. Is there one you recommend taking daily?
Choosing what vitamins and supplements to take is overwhelming, and you can’t supplement your way into good health. Focus, first, on your food intake. Are you having vegetables with most meals? But even the healthiest eaters need some help with Vitamin D3, which is almost universally needed because it’s so hard to get in the diet. Some other supplements that might be helpful are omega-3 fatty acids (like a fish oil supplement) and magnesium, especially if you struggle with getting oily fish and leafy greens in your diet. Magnesium is particularly important for women because we tend to be chronically low, and it’s helpful for relaxation, sleep, headaches, painful periods, and chronic constipation. Dr. Katie has particular brands that she recommends, which are available here.

Photo by: Karha Sanon

About Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie Takayasu is an Integrative Medicine doctor with a passion for plant-rich cooking and finding balance in lifestyle rhythms. She combines traditional Western medicine with complementary modalities like acupuncture, mind-body medicine, botanicals, and nutrition to help patients holistically achieve their goals. She’s a proponent of nutrient-dense food, joyful movement, plentiful rest, and attendance to the Spiritual Self as a way to ground the whole body, mind + spirit.

She works at Stamford Health’s Center for Integrative Medicine + Wellness and built to share her passion for lifestyle balance and cooking. She developed the 10-day Dr. Katie Detox several years ago as a way to connect with clients and teach them the skills to reset their health harnessing their body’s innate natural detoxification, believing we can have better health by listening to our body’s internal wisdom.

Clients work with Dr. Katie in her medical practice or privately 1:1 in her bespoke Wellness Insights coaching where they focus on developing each client’s individual Wellness Intuition. To learn more, visit

About Courtney Evans

Courtney Evans, Certified Health Coach, founder of Well Refined and coach of the Dr. Katie Detox programs, empowers clients through transformative exercises to discover authentic, achievable and sustainable wellness, while focusing on the principles of food as nourishment, positive psychology and lasting habit change. 

Clients work 1:1 with Courtney through signature ‘Re-Find’ programs to collaboratively identify a wellness vision and the actionable goals that will optimize wellbeing, while rediscovering body trust. Courtney provides the guidance, accountability and resources to holistically support you on your wellness journey. 

To learn more, schedule a complimentary 20-minute health discovery session with Courtney here.

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