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This story was contributed for our wellness columnist, Michelle Calarco.

We all know the saying—an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Turns out it’s true! With apple picking season in full swing, here are some fun facts about this beloved fruit and a roundup of some of our favorite local places to pick them!

Apple Fun Facts:

  • They’re One of the Healthiest Foods Out There According to the Cleveland Clinic, apples are a good source of fiber, including pectin, which may help lower cholesterol. They also contain phytochemicals like polyphenols, which are antioxidants linked to multiple health benefits. And no one variety is better for you than another, so sink your teeth into whatever kind you enjoy most!
  • The Skin is the Best Part Yes—to get the most fiber and nutrition, eat the apple whole, skin and the flesh!
  • Apples in Apple Pie Count! Need an apple pie recipe? Here’s a great one from the NY Times.
  • They Don’t Have To Turn Brown We love this rubber band hack: Slice the apple, but not all the way down, then pull the apple back up so the pieces are all back together and secure with a rubber band. Check it out live here. How do you like them apples?!



Where To Go Apple Picking:

Silverman’s Farm

451 Sport Hill Rd, Easton, CT

Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard

130 Hardscrabble Road, North Salem, NY

Blue Jay Orchards

125 Plumtrees Rd, Bethel, CT

Fishkill Farms

9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell JCT, NY 12533

Apple Picking 101

  • Apples ripen from the outside of the tree towards the center, so the apples on the outside of the tree will ripen first.
  • Once they’re picked, apples stop ripening.
  • If picking apples directly from a tree, roll the apple upwards off the branch and give a little twist.
  • Don’t throw apples into your basket or bag after picking. Handle them gently to prevent bruising and spoiling.
  • Don’t wash apples until right before using them to keep from spoiling.
  • Keep apples cool after they’re picked to increase their shelf life.

About Michelle Calarco: Michelle is a communications expert and a wellness enthusiast. After honing her storytelling craft in media and television, Michelle went on to elevate the profiles of premier brands across the hospitality, healthy living, and better-for-you food spaces. She has always been passionate about living and eating well and became even more immersed in health when she became a mom. On weekends you can find her squeezing in a barre class (during Paw Patrol) and baking healthyish desserts with her little one. Michelle has a consulting business and resides in Greenwich with her husband and 2-year-old son.


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