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In 2020, many of us put a lot on hold. Some of us had kids doing remote-learning, others cut back on work and we may have closed our doors to some or all outside help, from house cleaners to childcare. But if you’re ready to start getting back to normalcy, and catch up on life in 2021, bringing in household staff to support your home and family might be on your list. On that note, we’re excited to share a new luxury service we’ve recently learned about, called Nines. This private membership service is modernizing household staffing and management. Here are 9 things you should know about it:

Nines’ Founders Have Dynamic Backgrounds in Tech & Service
Nines was founded in 2020 by tech entrepreneur, Jacco de Bruijn, and high-profile personal trainer, Mohamed Elzomor, who worked for everyone from royalty to CEOs. “Suddenly, my own high-profile position, which I had always considered to be stable, was in jeopardy,” he says. During the pandemic, he joined forces with partner de Bruijn, who has an impressive background building tech startups, and they decided to disrupt the service industry to benefit both workers and households.  “Service providers need job security and ongoing support, and households need help but don’t know how to do it in a safe and effective way,” says de Bruijn. Nines is also backed by successful investors, such as Marc Lore and Mike Hanrahan, co-founders of Jet.com, who share Nines’ belief in modernizing the household staffing and management industry.

Nines Is A Full Service Option
At The Local Moms Network, our motto is “Giving Moms the Gift of Time” and Nines aligns completely with that concept. “Domestic staffing agencies and the do-it-yourself route put the onus for compliance, payroll, management, vacation time, replacement, PTO, and training directly on you. We take that burden away. Your only responsibility is working with us to make your selections and communicating with us so we can effectively manage your team and further minimize the labor you put into your own household,” says Elzomor.

Nines Will Change the Way You Approach Staffing
It’s time to totally rethink the way you approach household staffing—and streamline the process. When you become a member of Nines, you get introduced to your dedicated Chief of Staff, a service expert who gets to know you and your household to efficiently manage your home and service team. “We provide our members with intuitive service from experts in their fields, tailor-made to fit their needs and preferences, and an ongoing partnership to manage and elevate their service teams,” explains co-founder Elzomor.

You’ll Only Pay Nines
Instead of paying a housekeeper and/or chef, for instance, you’ll only contract through Nines. “Nines is your team’s legal employer, responsible for payroll, benefits, insurance, scheduling, and overall HR responsibilities / other best-in-class employment practices,” notes Elzomor. Let the experts at Nines utilize their network and experience to vet, hire and onboard your new crew.

Nines Trains, Manages and Hires Service Professionals
With Nines, you may find help you didn’t even know you needed. Their highly vetted rosters include housekeepers, childcare providers, chefs, drivers, personal assistants, tutors, and more.

Nines Service Professionals are Experts in their Field
From housekeepers who have over a decade of five-star hotel experience, to personal assistants who have cultivated relationships with luxury hotels, air charters, and luxury brands for purchasing high-ticket items, Nines’ service professionals provide top-tier service.

Fair Labor is a Company-Wide Commitment
Nines believes in being a socially responsible employer. They offer a best-in-class employment experience for service professionals, complete with healthcare benefits, paid vacation, and developmental resources. You can feel good about using a company who treats their employees as well as you do.

You’ll Get Continuous Support
Nines provides continuous support to your household and to your service team. Says de Bruijn: “When your team members take vacation, we’ll provide and train their backfills. We can also add and/or replace team members if ever necessary.”

You Can Join this Membership Community
“With our focus being in the Tri-state area, we are excited to share our expansion to Southern Florida,” explains de Bruijn. Nines builds and manages service teams for household in areas such as New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Palm Beach, Miami, and select neighboring cities.

For more information on their membership service, please reach out to Adrienne Friedman, head of membership service, at [email protected] or (917) 794-3717.

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