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One thing is for sure… it’s hard to keep the house clean with kids running around! And when it comes to the walls… sticky hands, marker and a whole bunch of other things can make it feel like you need to re-paint constantly! But, some basic maintenance can really help to to keep your painted surfaces looking fresh! Check out these 8 tips from the professionals at Crystal Decor Painting

  1. To keep the painting in good condition, do a periodic cleaning to remove pollution, microorganisms and other contaminants. When cleaning, just use water with neutral liquid detergent and a soft foam sponge. Clean gently and evenly and rinse with clean water. Do not use abrasive products such as cloths and sponges with Scotch-Brite, as they can damage the painted surface.
  2. Do not use a dry cloth and sponge – or even a damp cloth – as the surface will be polished and shiny spots will appear.
  3. It is not recommended that you use equipment that uses hot water or steam, as they may leave stains on the surface.
  4. In the case of more aggressive stains such as pen, grease and food spills, where neutral liquid detergent and a soft foam sponge are not enough to clean, the best option is to re-paint the stained surface.
  5. When repairing or touching up the paint, always remember to paint the entire wall, corner to corner, as the paint naturally ages and when retouched only on a part of the wall, there might be a difference in color and texture, even using a color match.
  6. If the stains are from pencils, just use a white school eraser in movements that follow the existing scratches.
  7. Remember that dirt and paint may not always be the problem! It may actually just be the the lighting. Lighting can interfere with the shades. For example, two walls in a single environment, even if painted with the same paint, but subjected to different lighting, may appear to have slightly different shades.
  8. Find the finish that is best for your home before starting your project.
  • Matte/flat does not highlight imperfections, but does not allow cleaning without causing stains.
  • Satin/eggshell shows medium and large imperfections, but allows cleaning without stains, if the above recommendations are followed.
  • Semi-Gloss shows small, medium and large imperfections, but is excellent for cleaning. Usually applied on doors and trims.

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