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With the New Year here,  we’re taking a few minutes to plan out some intentions, resolutions, and goals for 2022. This essay contributed by Demetra Ganias, founder of Ganias Media Lab, makes a solid case for resolutions. Says Demetra:Moms, it’s all about putting yourself first – and there’s nothing selfish about it. No grandiose promises here, just a roadmap for committing to yourself and snagging that coveted gift of time.”

I live for New Year resolutions! Like the feel of clean sheets and a crisp new notebook, the new calendar feels truly refreshing.  I don’t understand the reluctance towards resolutions given they’re the epitome of self-care.  Consider them a progress report, not a report card. No supposed “failures” or judgments are allowed to sneak in. Resolutions guide us to do more of what we love and less of what causes stress. So consider giving resolutions a chance this year!  Here are some collective resolutions that each of us can personalize.  Your mission? To feel more fulfilled by this time next year.

  1. Put your time on a pedestal.

Mom, your time is diamonds!  Precious, rare, expensive.  Your time is not sand…cheap, easy to come by, infinite.  I wish I had come up with this analogy but it belongs to author Eve Rodsky, straight out of her new book Find Your Unicorn Space. Do you give your time away too freely?  My answer, and likely yours, is a resounding yes. Let’s resolve to take back our time! Generosity is wonderful, but depletion is not. Ultimately, Rodsky asks what you would do with the time you keep for yourself.  Would you learn a new skill, relax with a good book, commit to time with someone you love? It’s “me time” but with a mission.  And all those small increments will add up to an extraordinary gift over the course of the year.

  1. Show up with intention.

Just a few days in, this resolution is already helping me feel like a calmer mom.  Seriously!

I’m notoriously distracted.  Just like you, juggling my kids, household, and work has my mind constantly buzzing. But a question from life coach Jay Shetty on his recent podcast helped me shift my focus:  “How much time can I give at 100% energy?” This time vs. energy ratio takes the pressure off the hours and minutes and invites us to show up as our complete selves. For me, I feel a lot of pressure to give each of my three kids individual attention.  And if I don’t live up to that standard, the guilt creeps in.  When I shift my focus to energy, small spurts of time with my kids seem more powerful.  The task is more manageable for me and more effective for my little ones.

Demtra Ganias

  1. Map out your milestones.

There’s no avoiding it, mama – time is an avalanche!   Weren’t we just getting the kids settled into school for fall, when Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas steamrolled through?

I can hardly keep up!  This is why I need a deadline. Without a plan, life flies by and my goals get sidetracked. For example, I began rebranding my website last summer.  It’s still in the works.  Why?  Self-sabotage!  Instead of setting monthly goals, I created a fire drill in December that had me cramming and stressing.

If Serena Williams depends on pacing herself, it’s good enough for me:  “Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent.”  Boom! Taking extra time to reach a goal isn’t what disappointed me.  I’m frustrated that I allowed myself to sacrifice my own big pictures goal for the sake of the day-to-day hustle. But planning ensures I put myself first.

Join me.  Brainstorm about a goal, create benchmarks for progress, and reach out to me if you need an accountability partner! (Alternatively, announce your goals in a public post and the positive peer pressure will ensure you get it done.)

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