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The groundwork for successful experiences in the education system is largely established before Kindergarten even starts. Choosing the right school for our children is a big decision and we know that it can feel overwhelming. As you consider the learning environment, teaching style and school philosophies that best suit your child, Greenwich Moms has all of the information and resources all in one place.

The 2023 – 2024 Greenwich Preschool Guide is a list of preschools in Greenwich and the surrounding areas that includes what each school offers and when to attend an Open House so that you can ask questions and choose what is best for your child.

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Bridges School


For over 30 years, Bridges has offered high quality early childhood education to our community. As a progressive school inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, we provide a child-centered, play-based approach encouraging children to discover their own interests, with their own words, which helps to define who they are. Bridges School is a nationally accredited preschool located on the banks of the Mianus River in Greenwich offering programs for ages 20 months to 5 years old. 

Bridges School is a community of children, families, and teachers committed to learning and growing through a process of research and discovery. We believe that children are born with a natural curiosity about the world and that cultivating this curiosity with careful listening and support is the key to successful lifelong learning. Parents and teachers work together to create a bright and attentive environment that is responsive to the needs of young learners and their families.

Ages 20 Months – 5 Years
(203) 637-0204
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

Enrollment for the 2024-25 school year is now open.
Call, email, or visit our website to learn more.

Children’s Day School


Children’s Day School provides a full-day, year-round learning environment for children 6 weeks to five years old.  Established in 1946 as Christian Day School, Children’s Day School (CDS) was renamed in 2000 and expanded to two campuses as a result of the collaborative efforts of the Junior League of Greenwich and Greenwich United Way.

Our early childhood early care and education program adheres to the highest quality standards and implements principles and guidelines driven by the National  Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the latest early childhood research of best practice. We are a licensed childcare center by the state of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

CDS promotes independence and intellectual, emotional, social and physical development through a curriculum that is enjoyable, stimulating, developmentally appropriate and nurtures creativity.  We create a play-based educational experience that is inclusive and culturally responsive.  Our graduates are ready for school success and lifelong learning.

We pride ourselves on having a dedicated teaching team and a competitive, comprehensive benefit package in order to retain quality educators. All teachers have education and training in early childhood development and education.

Children’s Day School currently has availability for its Pre-K program at their Glenville campus. Please contact Sue Carriero or Kathy Calabrese at 203 532-1190 for further details.

Ages 3 – 4
(203) 532-1190
Visit the website here for more information!

Please call to schedule a tour.

203-532-1190 | Sue Carriero/Kathy Calabrese

The Children’s School


Great Beginnings Last a Lifetime 

The Children’s School, a beacon of educational excellence for nearly 60 years, is dedicated to growing hearts and minds, fostering creativity, and instilling a lifelong love of learning in children aged 3 to 8. Our school understands that every child is unique, and our dedicated and compassionate teachers are experts at creating a warm, orderly, and stimulating environment that allows each child to explore their interests and satisfy their curiosity. Our curriculum encompasses music, art, movement, dance, and basic Spanish, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

Recognizing the significance of the early years in a child’s educational journey, we are committed to providing a strong foundation for your child’s future. Our teachers are not just educators; they are mentors, guiding children to become independent learners, thinkers, and problem-solvers. They understand ‘the whole child’ through keen observation and deep knowledge of child development.

Come for a Visit – We invite you to join us to discover why The Children’s School is the choice for parents who believe in the importance of beginnings. To tour our beautiful campus, meet our dedicated teachers, and explore how our innovative programs can benefit your child, please call 203.329.8815 to RSVP for our Open House on October 27th from 5 to 7 p.m., or to arrange a private tour. 

The Children’s School is located at 118 Scofieldtown Road in Stamford, and you can also find more information at www.childrensschool.org.

Ages 3 – 8
(203) 329-8815
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information! 

RSVP for an Open House

October 27, 5pm – 7pm
November 17, 5pm – 7pm
April 12, 5pm – 7pm
RSVP 203.329.8815 | Jamie DeNatale | [email protected]

Christ Church Preschool


Christ Church Preschool is proud to offer a learning community that values children’s ideas, protects the playfulness of childhood and engages families in their child’s education.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education, our curriculum is based on a process of observation and reflection, where children are co-constructors of their own learning. In-depth investigations become the context for fostering social-emotional, physical, and academic growth.

Our large outdoor campus and spacious classrooms offer beautiful and engaging environments for meaningful play and learning. Classes spend large portions of the school day outdoors spending time in interest areas such as our school garden, mud kitchen, fields, and playgrounds.

Ages 2 – 5
(203) 869-5334
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

Visit our website to schedule a private tour.

CP Kids Daycare/ Pre-School


CP Kids is a place for young children to learn through play and actively develop their language, cognitive, social/emotional, and motor skills. Children are given concrete experiences to encourage them to interact with the world around them and explore new ideas and materials. An integrated curriculum is utilized to reinforce themes and understanding.

The CP Kids toddler and preschool children participate in several extracurricular activities each week. These activities bring them into the Chelsea Piers facility daily and allow them to exercise their bodies so that their minds are ready to learn!

Every day students fan out in our spacious, light-filled classrooms where they can choose from among many good paths to learning. They immerse themselves in open-ended materials that encourage them to test their hunches, and explore art mediums such as paint, clay, collage, construction and pencil drawing that encourage the non-linear thinking, experimentation and risk-taking so crucial to creative expression. Our sophisticated music program takes them on an enthralling journey that begins with the discovery of their own voices—children’s first instrument—and progresses so that they can eventually read and write music too.

Ages 3 Months – 5 Years
(203) 989-1900
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

Please visit our website or email Nina Clark and Madeline Kondub, our Director and Assistant Director, at [email protected]!

First Presbyterian Church Nursery School


Since 1957, First Presbyterian Church Nursery School, Greenwich has nurtured children with love, laughter and learning. This unique community has passionate teachers, joyful children and supportive, engaged families. Our preschoolers are taught to be inquisitive, creative critical thinkers and social learners. We have recently enriched our curriculum with a ST(R)EAM program and Nature Classroom in our newly renovated outdoor play space. We welcome you to visit us and learn about our programs, including the new Fives junior kindergarten!

First Presby has a rolling admissions process and enrolls children on a first come, first served basis beginning November 1, 2023. 

Complete an application HERE 

Ages 2 – 5 
(203) 869-7782 
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information 

Join us for a tour on Wednesdays at 9:30am through November 15th!

Greenwich Catholic School


Greenwich Catholic School’s PreK 3 and PreK 4 Programs are unique in many ways. Our curriculum fosters all areas of a child’s development. We balance small and large group learning, structured and independent activities, small and large motor play as well as quiet time. Our preschool children are fully  integrated in our school family. They take part in many of Greenwich Catholic’s enrichment classes such as gym, music, foreign language and art. We use effective teaching approaches that are also developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate for young children.

Children come to GCS to become independent, self confident learners.

Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4
(203) 869-4000
Visit the website here for more information.

Open House: Sunday October 15, 10am – Noon.
Visit Greenwich Catholic School’s website to learn more about our school!

King School


King School unlocks the power of wonder, and students PreK-12 become agents in their own learning. Starting at age 3, students in our early childhood program explore the world around them through an approach to teaching and learning known as the Reggio Emilia-inspired methodology. This child-centered and self-guided method allows students to explore, make connections, and learn from their environment.   

King’s teachers create learning opportunities incorporating students’ ideas and interests; our program encourages students to ask questions, gather data, learn research skills, make models, and share their learning with their peers. Learn how we do this every day by visiting our website. 

(203) 322-3496
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

Click here for campus visit information.

Little Friends


Little Friends is an independent, year-round early childhood program for children from infancy through pre-kindergarten. Their play-based, child-centered program fosters children’s individual development within a warm, nurturing and happy community. Our curriculum incorporates music, art, language, literacy, active play, pro-social, and self-help skills development. Our classroom plans are developmentally appropriate to foster creativity, curiosity and confidence in our Little Friends. We are private and family owned early childhood program, proudly offering excellence in Early Childhood care and education since 2006.​ We welcome children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. We are a 12 month program and are open Monday – Friday 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM.

Ages Infant – Pre-K
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

Contact us at [email protected] or 203-861-6549 for more information.

The Long Ridge School


With a unique focus on nursery and elementary education, The Long Ridge School is a warm, joyful environment where students excel through progressive, inquiry-based, personalized learning.

When you visit our expansive, idyllic campus, you’ll find an inclusive community, where teachers, students, and parents of all backgrounds work together to guide children toward becoming compassionate global citizens.

Teachers at the Long Ridge School nurture each child’s strengths and interests—instilling confidence and leadership skills; fostering academic, social, and emotional development; and collaboratively building for each student the foundation for a fulfilling future.

Age 2 – Grade 5
(203) 322-7693
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information!

Email [email protected] or call (203) 322-7693 to set up an in-person Campus tour.

Putnam Indian Field School


Putnam Indian Field School’s mission is to inspire confidence, curiosity, creativity and a sense of community in every child we teach. PIFS is an independent, co-educational preschool for toddlers through prekindergarten and has been the premier early childhood program in the Greenwich area for more than 40 years. Rooted in a play-based, Reggio Emilia-inspired approach, it provides children with an outstanding first school experience and a love of learning.

Ages 2 – 5
Visit the website here for more information.

Contact Marie Cosgrove for application inquiries.
[email protected]

The Preschool at Second Congregational Church


The Preschool is an independent, non-sectarian preschool for children ages 2 through 5 (which includes a dedicated 5’s program) centrally located on 5 acres in Greenwich.  For 27 years the Preschool’s mission has been to provide a warm and creative atmosphere to foster young children’s social, emotional and intellectual growth through child-centered curriculum.  We offer additional lunch and enrichment programs to extend your child’s day.

Ages 2 – 5
(203) 869-8388
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

We are currently enrolling for the 2024-25 school year.
Please call Anna Gruseke at 203-869-8388 to schedule a private tour of our campus and classrooms.
Come see what makes us different!

Round Hill Nursery School


Round Hill Nursery School is an independent nursery school located in the backcountry of Greenwich for over 70 years.  RHNS offers parents, children, and teachers a warm and vibrant community of learning. Toddlers through Pre-K engage in a play-based curriculum comprised of experiences promoting gross and fine motor skills, language development, pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math skills, the creative arts, and social and emotional development. 

Ages: 2 – 5
(203) 869-4910
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2024/25 school. First Step applications close on October 31. Upper school applications close on November 30. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis after in-house family placements.

Complete an application HERE or visit our website www.rhns.org to sign up for a virtual tour to learn more about us!

Sacred Heart Greenwich


Barat Center for Early Childhood Education

Greet a friend. Observe a butterfly. Explore a beloved storybook. Learn a world language. Dance, jump, sing, discover.

An early childhood program for three-to-five year old boys and girls at Sacred Heart Greenwich, the Barat Center for Early Childhood education encourages children to explore the world around them. A nature walk through our beautiful campus may lead to counting and collecting leaves, sticks and rocks for a nature collage. A frog sighting may begin a learning journey into the world of amphibians. We embrace Project-Based Learning and believe children learn best and make meaning from real-life experiences. We are guided by the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria: faith, intellect, justice, community, and wisdom. At the Barat Center, the possibilities are endless, as our youngest learners find joy and wonder in each day’s new discoveries. A lifetime of intellectual curiosity begins as a Barat Center student. Shouldn’t your child be one of them?

Boys and Girls from 2.8 to 5 years old
For more information please visit, shgreenwich.org
Or contact Kristin Rodgers at [email protected] or 203-532-3510

Please go to our website to register for a Tour Day or our
Barat Center Open House: Friday, November 17 at 9:30 am

St. Saviour’s Church Nursery School


St. Saviour’s Church Nursery School is a place of exploration, inquiry, discovery, and joy. For nearly 50 years, we have been committed to knowing each child’s individual interests, strengths, and challenges in order to foster optimal intellectual, social, and emotional development. Through a literature-based curriculum focused on project-based experiences, we prepare our students to be confident problem-solvers, creative collaborators, and strong communicators––eager and well-equipped for a lifetime of learning. Our program is also committed to providing a safe environment for you child.

A co-educational, independent preschool located in Old Greenwich, CT, St. Saviour’s offers part-day programs for two, three, four, and five-year-old children, and is accredited by the NAEYC.

Ages 2.5 – 5 years old
(203) 698-1303
Visit the website here for more information.

For 2024-2025 Registration Information, please visit our website www.sscns.org
For an application and more information, please contact us at www.sscns.org/apply

Temple Sholom Selma Maisel Nursery School


Temple Sholom Selma Maisel Nursery School (SMNS) offers a one-of-a-kind educational experience for families with children as young as six weeks old through pre-school, in both full and part-day formats. At SMNS, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of early childhood education and have unique learning spaces including a dedicated STEAM lab, gymnastics studio, animal discovery room, recycling makerspace, imagination playground and an outdoor wooden block center. Our teachers and staff are experienced and professional, and support an individualized approach to education and care. While guided by Jewish values, we welcome families of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Ages 6 Weeks – Preschool
(203) 622-8121
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

To schedule a private or virtual tour, or to learn about Temple-wide programming for young families
Contact David Cohen, Director of Schools, at 203-622-8121 or [email protected]

St. Paul’s Day School


A Loving and Creative Environment: Beginnings through Be4k programs (early 2’s through 5) St. Paul’s Day School, a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds. They foster the growth and development of each child academically, socially and spiritually. They strive to encourage wonder, support self paced learning and instill a sense of community. They offer flexible extended day lunch programs and enrichments.

Ages Early 2’s – 5years
(203) 637-3503
[email protected]

Please call to schedule a tour or visit the website here for more information. 

Tamim Academy – Bridge Progam at Chabad Preschool


Tamim Academy is a top quality transitional kindergarten or kindergarten program for a child aged 4.5, 5, or 6 years old.

The Kindergarten program at Chabad of Greenwich, Tamim Academy of Greenwich, is the most nurturing environment for your child for Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten.

Strong Academics – Tamim Academy Headquarters researched the best curriculum for each subject. We use Read Write Inc for literacy and Developing Roots and Singapore Math for Mathematics. We assess children using national standardized MAP testing and provide teaching coaches for each subject. Each child is supported in every subject. Leaning is done mostly in small groups and 1:1 settings.

Developing Skills – We look at the whole child to work on individual social-emotional and physical goals. We prioritize being a good human! A daily digest helps you stay updated on daily activities.

Transitional K or K for 4.5, 5, or 6 years old
(917) 576-0615
Liatte Lasher – [email protected] or Maryashie Deren – [email protected]

Visit the website here for more information!

Please email Maryashie Deren at [email protected] to arrange a private tour. 

Whitby School


Located in Greenwich CT, Whitby is a co-educational independent school that provides educational continuity for children 18 months through Grade 8 in the Fairfield-Westchester area.

The premier Whitby Montessori Children’s House three-year program and the highly-recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) program in Grades 1 – 8 form the foundation that empowers Whitby students to think creatively and critically, preparing them as life-long learners and global citizens.

Ages 18 Months – K
(203) 302-3900
Visit the website here for more information.

All School Open House – October 29 | 1:00 PM
Virtual All School Open House – November 15 | 9:30 AM
Virtual Overview Tour – By Appointment Only

YWCA Greenwich


With an international student body aged 15-months to 5-years old, the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Preschool Center provides a unique early learning experience that builds a strong platform for a life-long love of learning.

Ages 15 Months – 5 Years
(203) 869-6501 ext 221
[email protected]
Visit the website here for more information.

For additional information, contact Geri Smiles, Director of Childhood Education at 203-869-6501, ext. 221 or [email protected]

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