10 Family-Friendly Staycation Ideas! - Greenwich Moms

Bummed about having to stay close to home this holiday season? We hear you. So many of our us are skipping family travel for the holidays or winter break. We hope these “staycation” ideas give you inspiration for this week, and the rest of the winter.

Hide Those Holiday Gifts
If you haven’t already, tuck away a few of the less immediately “popular” holiday gifts, and pull them out throughout your staycation/winter. Toy “cycling” like this is also a great way to reduce clutter.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
Chances are, you have your go-to hiking spot, walking route, playgrounds, etc. But think outside your neighborhood, ask your friends (or Facebook group) and check the resources section of your local site on The Local Moms Network for fresh ideas. Don’t forget your mask!

Order In Some Fun
If there is ever a time to try out a subscription box, it’s now! These days you can get almost anything delivered to your house—and ready to pull out for an unexpected quarantine period or any old time you need an extra trick in your parenting bag. We love YearCheer, Lovery and Kiwi Crates for toys, and Raddish, KidStir and Little Sous for cooking. Have a kid who is missing travel? They’ll love Little Passports! And for moms, don’t forget the wine—we love Scout & Cellar.

Plan on a Date Night
This is your reminder to invest in your relationship with a date night (there some fun ideas from our friends at The EveryMom here). There are a million reasons (many valid) why solo time with your partner may have gotten pushed to the wayside the last few months. But bottom line, you’ll never regret taking an hour or two to take your mind off all that’s going on once the kids are in bed. Pour a cocktail or two, and order in to support a local restaurant!

Camp Out
If you live in a warm weather climate, camping in your own backyard is the ultimate family staycation idea. Roast some marshmallows, grab some flashlights and you’ll be making memories instantly. Dealing with sub-zero temps? Make some space in the playroom for a tent, throw the s’mores in the microwave and bring the fun inside.

Host a Game Night
Family game night is one of those instant memory-makers, but one that gets lost in the sports practices/playdates/etc. of normal life. Make this winter the time you start a weekly game night. Let a different family member pick the game, snack and refreshment every week for some variety.

Make Snow Days Special
Snow Days pre-pandemic might have been a quick highlight of the season—a day off school and a chance to do a bit of snowman-making or sledding. But this year, we’re hoping to eek very last bit of excitement out of snow days. That’s why we are throwing a little money at the problem with silly but fun toys like snowball makers (these ones on Amazon help even toddlers make amazing snowballs) and snowman kits (you can certainly do this yourself but kits like these save you time!).

Go on a Virtual Museum Tour
If you’re missing exploring museums and exposing your kids to art, take advantage of the virtual visits so many of the world’s top cultural institutions are offering. Some options are even interactive, like the free art classes for teens being offered by The Met and inexpensive options for all ages at The Guggenheim.

Do a Movie Night with Friends
Are your kids missing sleepovers? Disney+ offers “GroupShare” to watch a movie together with up to 6 households. The app offers dozens of slapstick Goofy and Mickey shorts from the 1930s (toddlers love these!), old-school classics like Cinderella and Bambi, and newer Pixar flicks like the Toy Story series. It costs $70/year—which many families might spend on a single night at the movies, including tickets, snacks and drinks.

Step Away from Your Phone
When we travel, we automatically stay away from tech for a bit. You’re on the plane, unpacking at the hotel, and immersed in exploration. It’s all too easy to stay glued to your phone when you’re at home. But taking some time offline—it may be a few hours, a day or even a few days—will help you feel recharged (no pun intended!).

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